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Forspoken will have a prequel in the form of DLC: In Tanta We Trust arrives on May 26

Forspokenthe open-world action-adventure game from Square Enix and Luminous Productions, is going to receive his first big DLC of history next May 26. This has been announced by those responsible through social networks and an official statement in which they give more details about In Tanta We Trustname given to this expansion for PS5 and PC.

In Tanta We Trust be available as paid DLC on May 26. Those who have purchased the Deluxe Edition version of Forspoken They will be able to access it for free and 3 days in advance, that is, on May 23.



What is the DLC about Forspoken?

The DLC of Forspoken serves as a prequel to the main story, as it is set 25 years before of the events that we star in the base game: “We will fight alongside the thanta tape using the Frey’s new magic ability to unlock new combat strategies and coordinate devastating attack combos against the rheddig invaders“, we read in the official description of this content.

Frey to be the protagonist of In Tanta We Trustadditional chapter in which will be transported to the Purge of the Rheddigthe legendary battle that swept across these lands and ultimately caused the thantas they lost their reason During this episode we will be able to use new magical abilities while visiting unique environments of Forspoken set in the most remote corners of Athia.


Worth Forspoken?

Forspoken It is available on PS5 and PC. In vandal you can read our analysis, in which we tell you that “it is a game with good ideas and a very solid playable basebut with an open world desEsports Extrasso boring and uninteresting that it ends up weighing down the experience much more than we would have liked, something that becomes more and more evident with the passing of the hours. He, don’t miss our guide.


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