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Forspoken Writer Says His Work Didn’t Make It Into The Final Product | we are xbox

It is not known if he did it for the sake of his career, but the Forspoken writer wants to make it very clear that his work has not been reflected in the game.. As might be expected, the work on the background and narrative of Forspoken was a mess. First they had the writer in question, Gary Whittawhose work you’ve seen in movies like Rogue One.


Well, Gary claims that he was the first choice for Square Enix. They called on him to create a world with its own mythology from a vague idea. Apparently his work was liked by the managers of Square, since they later asked him to lead a group of writers chosen by himself to work on Forspoken.

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The Forspoken writer does not see his work reflected in either the dialogues or the final story

This initial conversation was five years ago, which suggests that this really was aiming to be an ambitious job. The same managers of Square Enix returned months later to ask for his services once again. This time, the job was to restart the story. What they gave him to work on this reboot was a slightly more elaborate idea than the original, this one was closer to the premise of the girl from our world transported to a fantasy world.

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Gary did not participate in this reboot, according to him, due to lack of time. The mere idea must not have liked him in the least. In fact, what little remained of her work was the name of the world: Athia. Then, the original Forspoken writer and his work were cast aside, appearing in the game’s credits as responsible for the original concept.


The mediocre story and lousy dialogues were not his doing, it is the premise that Gary Whitta stresses over and over again. The Forspoken writer had a radically different approach, and If Square Enix hadn’t scrapped this first job, the game would have fared better on the day it was released.