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Forspoken’s In Tanta We Trust DLC already has a May release date

Square Enix invested a lot of time and money into Forspoken in hopes of turning it into the publisher’s next big franchise, but technical issues and some questionable decisions with its narrative (as we recounted in the review) are just two of the reasons why sales They have been mediocre and it seems that many have already forgotten about the game. That does not mean that the Japanese publisher wants to break its promise about future content about the game, even having dissolved Luminous Productions.

A press release states that the expansion In Tanta We Trust of Forspoken will be released on May 26 (on May 23 if you have the Digital Deluxe Edition). It is a prequel that takes place 25 years before from the base game transporting Frey to the legendary battle of the Rheddig Purge. This doesn’t mean we’ll be fighting the same old enemies, as this expansion includes more story, new magical abilities, and “refined magic-enhanced parkour abilities” as you travel as the so much tape.


Is it enough for you to return or extend your stay in Athia or return to Forspoken?