Forspoken’s story could have been very different

One of the most famous failures of this 2023 is Forspoken, which despite having its strong points, has not been able to convince the players with its playable proposal, leaving what should have been one of the standard bearers of the PS5 catalog in a mere note with Minimum sales, in which part of the blame lies with its narrative. maybe that’s why Gary Whitta, the original writer of Forspoken, has recently revealed that the final proposal for the game’s story was nothing like his original proposal. Although Whitta is the author of the original concept, it seems that almost none of his ideas made it into the game we now know.

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Talking with Alanah PearceWhitta would not reveal what his original idea was, but said that when he was approached to write the Square Enix remake, which involved interdimensional portals, he declined due to scheduling issues.

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The way of narrating the story in Forspoken has been considered one of the main problems of the game, and the Internet has discussed whether funny dialogues should be present in video games. We don’t know how Forspoken would have changed Whitta’s original concept, but there are many who won’t rest until they know what they might have had.

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What did you think of the Forspoken story?