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Fortnite: A feature on mobile turns you into an absolute killer machine


Landing a lot of hits in Fortnite isn’t that easy – usually. However, there is a feature on mobile that feels like a cheat.

Playing Fortnite on mobile isn’t exactly easy. It starts with the ability to install the game at all: Fortnite has been banned from Apple devices since the legal dispute between Epic and Apple by being removed from the AppStore.


But it is again possible to play Fortnite on iOS devices via the GeForce Now streaming service. You can rely on an extensive, freely adaptable touch interface, with which you can play the game reasonably comfortably.

Of course, if you are used to the controller or mouse & keyboard, you first have to warm up to the touch controls on the tablet or smartphone. But the basic processes are easy to grasp.


And then you can also count on a pretty handy, if not overly powerful, feature. “Automatic Shooting”.

On mobile, Fortnite shoots by itself

This is the feature: If you start Fortnite in the mobile version via GeForce Now, you get three options for how you want to fire.

  • Tap anywhere – so no matter where you press on the screen, you fire
  • Custom button – there is a special fire button
  • Auto Fire – Here the weapon simply fires automatically when you aim at an enemy.
Auto-fire mode is recommended – and damn strong

It is also the automatic option that shows as “recommended”. And at least in the test run, it turned out to be damn useful.

This is how powerful autofire is: If you do a few rounds in Fortnite’s no-build mode, i.e. the variant without building, you quickly realize that automatic firing is incredibly strong.

In theory, you can take weapons like the Volley Assault Rifle or a shotgun and then just follow your opponent’s movements with your fingers. The automatic system takes over the firing – and it hits pretty accurately.


The advantage is that you can simply concentrate completely on not losing the goal. Then the opponent actually only has the chance to shoot better in return or to flee to cover – otherwise that’s it.

Even situations in which you can only see small enemy hitboxes, for example because they are hiding behind a tree, grab the auto-fire and hit the small target zone.


You save yourself a button, so to speak – and that’s very useful when it comes to the sometimes difficult handling of mobile shooters. By the way: The “6-finger claw” is good for getting to all the touch control buttons on mobile shooters.

Are there any restrictions? Yes, there are – otherwise the feature would be too strong overall.

  • It doesn’t work with every weapon. For example, it doesn’t work with sniper rifles, you have to fire them manually.
  • It doesn’t work over infinite distances.
  • The weapon will fire until you lose the target or until it is empty. Then you have to reload or switch weapons, and that can be tricky on touch. Also, reloading is always dangerous in open combat.
  • If the opponent moves too well and fast, it will be more difficult to hold the target.
  • The feature isn’t quite as strong in Fortnite’s build mode – players can simply craft their own cover to hide.
  • Everything else has to be “manually” shot – like the new deadly bricks.

Despite these limitations, however, auto-firing has proven to be pretty darn powerful – sometimes so much so that it almost feels like cheating.

Aiming and hitting is sometimes noticeably easier with the touch control than with a controller or keyboard and mouse.

What do you think of the feature? Do you find this useful or is it even too strong for you? Speaking of too strong: Recently, a tinkerer presented an aimbot for controllers that no anti-cheat can stop.


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