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Fortnite and Dragon Ball: You only have 2 weeks to get Shenlong

Shenlong belongs to Dragon Ball like Super Mario belongs to Nintendo.

Shenlong belongs to Dragon Ball like Super Mario belongs to Nintendo.

The Fortnite event wouldn’t be a proper Dragon Ball crossover if it didn’t also have the titular dragon and associated Dragon Balls. That means: You can now also unlock Shenlong in Fortnite, and for free. Then you get the legendary and wish-fulfilling kite as a practical hang glider in a mini version. But of course you have to collect the seven Dragon Balls first. Here we explain how this works in Fortnite.

Dragon Ball in Fortnite: How to unlock the dragon Shenlong as a hang glider

That’s what it’s about: A huge crossover event has been taking place in Fortnite since yesterday. This introduces characters, Kamehameha, Jindujun, a whole new island and much more. Of course, there are also tons of skins and emotes, and you can even unlock Shenlong as a hang glider. This can even be done free of charge in a kind of separate small Battle Pass only for Dragon Ball. You can read more about it here:

Trailers show characters, gameplay and own island


Dragon Ball x Fortnite

Trailers show characters, gameplay and own island

How much time do you have: In order to get Shenlong as a hang glider, you must complete seven special challenges within the next two weeks. The clock is running and the countdown has been ticking down since yesterday, so you only have 13 days left from today, namely until August 30th.

  • End of event: August 30th at 8 a.m. CET

Here you can Trailer for the crossover event from Fortnite and Dragon Ball:

Fortnite - Dragon Ball crossover will be Esports Extrasntic, as the trailer shows


Fortnite – Dragon Ball crossover will be Esports Extrasntic, as the trailer shows

This is what you have to do for Shenlong: Get all seven Dragon Balls

Own Mini Battle Pass: If you’re in Fortnite’s default launch area, you’ll discover a new tab at the top, rendered as Dragon Ball. In it you get the opportunity to complete various tasks to increase your power level (yes, it’s over 9,000) and you can also get Dragon Balls for every three challenges. If you have all seven of them, you unlock the Shenlong hang glider.

The hang glider then looks like this:

This is what the Shenlong Glider looks like in Fortnite.

This is what the Shenlong Glider looks like in Fortnite.

So you don’t necessarily have to complete all the tasks of the small Dragon Ball Battle Pass, but theoretically only those that appeal to you until you have three each, for which there is one Dragon Ball per task set – provided you only want to unlock Shenlong. Otherwise, it’s definitely worth doing the rest: Among other things, you can get five levels up in the regular Battle Pass as a reward.

  • Dragon Ball #1: The Dragon Ball quests have their own tab and let’s start with the warm up. In the warm-up section above you can see directly that you must complete any three missions from this list in order to get hold of the first Dragon Ball. Which ones you complete is up to you, but you should be able to do most of them automatically anyway, such as visiting the Kame House, opening a Capsule Corp. pod, or purchasing Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud from a Dragon Ball Vending Machine.
  • Dragon Ball #2: In the sparring part of the orders you have to complete three tasks again to get a Dragon Ball. For example, in three matches you have to damage opponents before they catch you or participate in or win a versus battle.
  • Dragon Ball #3: Building muscle is the name of the next order area. It was unlocked today, a new area is added every day. Here, too, you have to fulfill three of the specified orders in order to receive a Dragon Ball. For example, you can use the Kamehameha to destroy a car or break 10 objects at once.
  • Dragon Ball #4: Agility Training is next, tomorrow, Thursday 18th August.
  • Dragon Ball #5: Endurance Training unlocks on August 19th.
  • Dragon Ball #6 can be obtained in the Focus Training portion of the Dragon Ball quests starting August 20th.
  • Dragon Ball #7 can be obtained by completing three challenges in the regeneration set. This will be available to you from August 21st.

Alternatively, of course, there is always the possibility of simply spending money on the skins and all the rest. However, by experimenting with the new content, you’ll unlock most of these challenges anyway. So you don’t have to grind big and you can bag the whole thing for free.

What do you think of the Dragon Ball Mini Battle Pass? Are you already working towards Shenlong?


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