Fortnite becomes Xbox Cloud Gaming’s first free-to-play game

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fortnite battle royale You no longer need a modern PC, console, or relatively powerful mobile phone (although the game was removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in August 2020) to run. Microsoft and Epic Games have collaborated to make the title available free via Xbox Cloud Gaming in USA and the other 25 countries where the service is available. In addition, from Xbox they work in incorporate more free games to the cloud gaming service, which can be enjoyed without requiring a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (the only way to try Xbox Cloud Gaming so far).

to play to fortnite battle royale from any Windows computer, Android phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad All you need is a Microsoft account and access to from the Web navigator (on PC there are improvements to Microsoft Edge, by the way). No installation of any kind is required and can be used a knob or touch controls native people.

“It is an important step to add a title free-to-play to the catalog of cloud gaming as we continue our journey in the cloud,” he says in a statement Catherine Gluckstein, Vice President and Head of Product from Xbox Cloud Gaming. “We are starting with Fortnite Y we will add more games in the future free to play that people love. At Xbox, we want to make gaming accessible to 3 billion gamers around the world, and the cloud plays an important role in that mission.”

Over 10 million people have used Xbox Cloud Gaming

Gluckstein has shared other data regarding the use of Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is still in beta. for now, more than 10 million people around the world they have used it; the only way to try it is with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. The service has been used in more than 6000 types of devices: different models of Android, iPhone of different generations and a variety of PCs.

Xbox Cloud Gaming debuted more than two years ago, a period in which Microsoft has worked with more than 125 developers to make it over 350 games from the Xbox Game Pass catalog are cloud compatible. The executive ensures that subscribers who use the service in the cloud they test twice as many games than those who do not use it.

He also explains that there are more and more games Cloud Aware. Although developers do not have to modify the code of their games to make them compatible with Xbox Cloud Gaming, they do have the option of doing various things. thoughtful changes for cloud gamingsuch as adding specific touch controls for a particular title or that adapt interface size depending on the device you are on streaming.

Xbox CloudGaming

Thus, there are more than 150 Xbox Game Pass games with touch controls, and on average, games compatible with Xbox Cloud Gaming that have touch controls. touch controls are played twice as long than those who do not have it; in fact, 20% of Xbox Cloud Gaming users only use touch controls.

Microsoft’s cloud gaming service to arrive coming soon to more unspecified countries. The latest to join that list have been Mexico, Japan, Australia and Brazil, but the latter in particular has exceeded the company’s expectations. “Adoption was so huge in the first couple of weeks that our servers were overwhelmed to the point where we had to quickly add more hardware to meet demand.”

Xbox Cloud Gaming started two years ago only compatible with Android and running on servers powered by Xbox One S consoles. Currently Xbox Series X are used customized and the service can be used from Xbox Series, Xbox One, Windows computers, Android, iOS, and in the testing phase also on Steam Deck. Microsoft’s commitment to cloud gaming is such that the company announced a few months ago a publishing label dedicated to exclusive games for the cloud.

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