Fortnite: Big live event for the new Season 3 starts tomorrow – when does it start?

Tom Henry

Fortnite: Big live event for the new Season 3 starts tomorrow – when does it start?

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In Fortnite, tomorrow, June 4th, the big live event “Collision” will start. We at MeinMMO will be there live and will give you the latest updates on what is happening at the live event and on the server down for the new Season 3.

What is this event? At the end of a season or chapter, Fortnite regularly launches major live events. Players can participate live in Fortnite at the same time and experience the event together or watch it on the stream with the big Fortnite streamers and follow their reactions to the spectacle directly.

When does the live event start? Tomorrow, June 4th, the big live event will run before the start of Season 3 Chapter 3. You can join the event at 10:00 p.m. German time. Fortnite itself confirms this time with a countdown that you can find in the lobby.

Collision Game Mode – How to Participate

Here’s how you can participate: If you want to experience the event live in the game, you should log in in good time. Depending on how busy it is, the servers could be overcrowded, which could result in queues.

There will be an event mode called “Collision” for the finale of Season 2 Chapter 3. You will not be able to start this mode until 9:30 p.m. You will then be matched with three other players. Should the live event begin, the hatch will open beneath your skin’s feet and you will become part of the final standoff between IO and the Seven.

Can this be repeated? no Collision is a one-time event and does not inherently provide an option to replay. If you want to watch the end of Season 2 Chapter 3 again later, you should record it yourself or use YouTube videos. If that’s too tedious for you, you can of course also watch a video about the event on MeinMMO.

You get gifts: As a reward for participating in the Collision event, you will receive a special loading screen and lobby music. Fighting against the IO is worth it for you.

Collision live event streams ahead of Season 3

Here you can watch: If you don’t have the opportunity to follow the live event in the game yourself, you can also watch the big Fortnite streamers.

What happens in the Collision live event?

That is known: Fortnite itself has already released a teaser trailer for the “Collision” event. You can expect a fight against the IO and the doomsday machine. This initiates the end of Season 2 and the start of Season 3.

In the trailer we see characters belonging to the Seven bravely walking towards the giant awakening “Bear Mech” to face the fight against the IO.

Sloane, the leader of the Imaginary Order, was unable to assert herself with her troops on the Island of Seven and was gradually displaced and robbed of her occupied locations. Now she has no choice but to destroy another reality with a huge machine. The seven therefore unpack the newly coiffed Mech, which should put an end to the spook once and for all:

Fortnite is just teasing the new live event – A giant bear mech awakens

There are also leaks that deal with the new Season 3 Battle Pass. If you want to find out more, we have the right articles for you:

Many disagree on what will happen to the new map and what destruction players will be able to witness again. As the mech faces off against the IO and the doomsday machine, it’s clear the seven are out in force to contain the threat. Fans even speak of such a blatant live event that the map could be shot into space.

Stay tuned to see what Epic has come up with. Will you be part of the new Season 3 live event or would you rather watch a streamer and not risk your relaxing weekend for an event? Let us know in the comments!

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