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Fortnite can’t be reached and shows an error – When can I play again?

Since 9 a.m. today, Fortnite has had an error that is spreading across the Playstation and Xbox platforms. If you now try to log in, you will get an unknown screen and cannot log in. We’ll tell you when you can gamble again in Fortnite.

What’s going on with Fortnite? Fortnite has been unavailable since 9am this morning as the servers appear to be down. So if you were looking forward to relaxed BR rounds with your friends, that will no longer be the case. You will be surprised with a red message while the game is trying to connect to the Fortnite servers.

After a 10 second timer the timer repeats and you stare in vain at the red message with no change. You’re not the only ones as Epic has announced that Xbox and Playstation players will be affected.

Update 1:46 p.m.: Fortnite can be reached again and you can log in again.

Fortnite is down – when can I play again?

What could be the problem? According to Hypex, a well-known leaker of the Fortnite scene, Epic Games wanted to do something about high pings on May 9th.

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The Middle East region has been struggling with network issues and Epic has sat down with a partner to address the issue. Consequences of the changes that Playstation and Xbox players have to take the brunt of would now be possible.

However, Epic has addressed the issue and is trying to find a solution so you can get back in the fray. We’ll keep you informed of any changes and even letting you know when Fortnite will be back.

What do you think of Fortnite being “broken” now and you can’t gamble? Do you think it’s bad or do you give yourself a break from the stressful battle royal? Let us know in the comments!

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