Fortnite celebrates Star Wars day with laser swords, costumes and gifts

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Fortnite celebrates Star Wars day with laser swords, costumes and gifts

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The lovers of the Star Wars saga and the game Fortnite: Battle Royale are in luck because the free to play title of Epic Games has just received today as part of the new patch 20.30 a event to commemorate the franchise devised by George Lucas during the next two weeks. Be careful because in this Season 2: Resistance From Chapter 3 we are going to have back lightsabers, skins and even gifts. then you we give all the details.

Star Wars Day Celebration in Fortnite: Event Dates

The new event of star wars day celebration in Fortnite it will happen during the following dates:

  • The event starts: on Tuesday, May 3, 2022.
  • The event ends: on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

Although Star Wars day is officially on may 4Epic Games wanted to extend the celebration for two weeks so that players have time to enjoy their news. And what are they? Here below we show them all.

All Star Wars skins return to the store

many of characters we have known and loved in the movie saga of Lucasfilm Ltd. return to the item shop of Fortnite during this special Star Wars event. Over the next few days the following skins in the game so that users can buy them with paVos (only those that have not belonged to any battle pass but have been in the store before):

  • Imperial Stormtrooper
  • Kylo Ren
  • Zorii Bliss
  • Finn
  • King
  • sith trooper
  • boba fett
  • Fennec Shand
  • Krrsantan

New quests and free empire banner

On the occasion of the Star Wars event added new missions that we players can complete. In fact, if we pass the training of the Stormtroopers through the new missions, we will win not only Extra XP for our account but also, by completing a total of 5, we will receive as totally free reward the banner of the empire (like the one in the image above).

In these missions you will be asked to confiscate a “speeder”, confiscate and use “Jedi contraband” and much more. All missions from May 4 will be active from today (May 3) until May 17 at 06:00 CEST.

laser swords are back

swords l

One of the quintessential icons from Star Wars is back in Fortnite for this May 4th celebration. We are obviously talking about the laser swords that during the next few days can be found randomly on the floor of the entire island. Do you want to brandish one? Pick it up and go out to defeat your rivals. On this occasion these are the swords that are available:

  • Luke Skywalker’s Laser Sword.
  • Kylo Ren’s Laser Sword.
  • Mace Windu’s Laser Sword.
  • Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber.

Combat with the E-11 blaster rifle

The E-11 blaster rifle returns to Fortnite

An star wars weapon returns to the island with this event, neither more nor less than the E-11 blaster rifle.

  • The Stormtroopers have set up checkpoints searching for Obi-Wan all over the island.
  • If you want to get the E-11 explosive rifle, go to one of these points and buy it in exchange for bars.
  • You can also find them both in chests like on the ground random.

Remember that you can visit our complete wow to know the best tips and tricks and easily overcome all the challenges of the season. Fortnite is a Battle Royale that is free to PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and devices Androidyou can read our analysis.

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