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Fortnite chapter 4, season 3: map, weapons, increases and more

fortnite chapter 4, season 3: map, weapons, increases and more

Let’s know all the news that came to Fortnite with the chapter 4 season 3 update called ‘Wild Lands’ – this is the new map, new weapons, new reality augmentations, items and more.

Let’s start by taking a look at the trailers for the season. The cinematic trailer was released during the main presentation of the Summer Game Fest 2023.



If what you want is to know all the new ‘skins’ or outfits of the battle pass, follow this link.


new map of Fortnite episode 4, season 3

Following the ‘Wildlands’ update on Friday, June 9, parts of the center of the map were replaced with a jungle. Now it looks like this.

The new points of interest are called Fallen City, Amalgam Creek and wooded settlement.

new weapons

  • Thermal Designated Sniper Rifle: the scope of this new version of our beloved ‘DRM’ allows you to activate thermal vision to more easily detect enemies.
  • Circle Magazine Rifle: This new weapon has a rotary magazine. Has a mythical version found in vaults.
  • Kinetic Boomerang: if it doesn’t hit an enemy when we throw it, maybe it will on its way back. We can attract it at any time after throwing it to cause a small explosion.
  • cybertron canyon: the most powerful of the new weapons of Fortnite chapter 4, season 3 Wild Lands and part of the collaboration with transformers. Fires a fast explosive projectile.

We also have two weapons returning to Fortnite after leaving the vault.

  • drum shotgun and its mythical version
  • combat submachine gun

The weapons that are back from the previous season are: Chaotic Pump Shotgun, Expert Auto Shotgun, Chaotic Suppressed Assault Rifle, Red Dot Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun, Tactical Pistol, Heavy Sniper Rifle and sip cannon. We will also continue to find exotic weapons Stolen Invader Shotgun, Stolen Accelerator Shotgun, Stolen Run and Gun Submachine Gun and the stealth tracker.

New Augments of Reality

  • Animal instinct: Gain thermal vision and regenerate life by riding animals.
  • clever weaponry– Receive jars of wild wasps and get another with each elimination.
  • slap scroll– Get the slap effect when using sliding vines, sliding bars, zip lines or climbing cables.
  • pellet skating: Get shotgun shells while sliding.
  • Speed ​​Shotgun Reload: shotguns will reload faster.
  • Radical Rifle Reload: Assault Rifles reload much faster when the magazine is empty.
  • Lots of medium ammo– Receive medium ammo instantly and get more by opening containers.

The increases that are back from the previous season in Fortnite episode 4, season 3 ‘Wildlands’ are: Go with the flow, Light Fingers, Strike One, Hound, Steady Hands, Triple Threat, Exotic Surprise, Exalted Sprint, Mythic Ammo, Skeleton Keys, Selective Siphon and heroic shotgun. Regenerative movement is now called cross combatant.

Other news from Fortnite episode 4 season 3: savage lands

  • velociraptors: the velociraptors are back. If we jump over them we can ride and control them. We can also get them from eggs.
  • wild wasps: these insects are found around certain plants. We can trap them in a jar and launch them against opponents. If someone throws us a jar of wild wasps we can get into the water or cover ourselves with mud to avoid them.
  • mud camouflage: We can slide in the mud to increase the normal sliding speed and get camouflage.
  • slip vines: They are like the slide rails we already know, but in the jungle.
  • job boards: they replace the contract boards and allow us to choose between three jobs, including a contract. If we complete them we will obtain gold bars.
Meet the new map, new weapons, new reality augmentations, and surprises that await us in the Wild Lands, Season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 4.

Another important novelty is the jungle plants.

  • bomb outbreak: we can hit it to create an explosion
  • stinky plant: We can unleash its toxic gas if we shoot it when there are nearby enemies.
  • healing shoots: As the name suggests, they will heal us if we hit them.
  • jumping saplings: They allow us to bounce through the jungle without worrying about fall damage.
Meet the new map, new weapons, new reality augmentations, and surprises that await us in the Wild Lands, Season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 4.

Please note that the Velociraptors, Cybertron Cannon, Heavy Sniper Rifle, Slurp Cannon, and Stolen Invader Shotgun will not be included in Competitive Tournaments.

Source: Epic Games


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