Fortnite event ‘Shattered’ starts today: Exact time and schedule at a glance

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Fortnite event ‘Shattered’ starts today: Exact time and schedule at a glance

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The next event at Fortnite starts on Saturday, December 3rd.

The next event at Fortnite starts on Saturday, December 3rd.

It’s that time again and the next Fortnite live event is just around the corner. The battle royale is about to end its third chapter and that’s why there will be a Fracture event on Saturday 3rd December. We summarize for you when this takes place, how the event works and what else you can expect.

The most important information about “Zersplittert””Fracture” at a glance

  • start time: December 03, at 10:00 p.m. German time
  • Until when does the event run? You have time to join an ongoing game until 10:40 p.m. German time
  • Is the event repeatable? No, you can only play once and then it’s over.
  • group size: The event can be contested in groups of 4 players. If you are less, your squad will be filled up automatically.

You can watch a first teaser for the event here:

Fortnite: Epic Games releases teasers for the live event Shattered


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This is how the Shattered event works

Fortnite is celebrating the end of Chapter 3 with the Shattered Live Event. And as before, this is a one-time only mission for a very short time. If you want to be there, you must log into Fortnite on Saturday, December 3rd at 10:00 p.m. German time.

Then there’s play: Epic Games specifies a running time of almost 40 minutes for the event. This is very unusual as recent live events have lasted more like 20 minutes. No one knows exactly what the mission will look like, but as the first teaser shows, tornadoes will tear apart the entire Fortnite world.

Most likely, the mission will again be a mix of gameplay and cutscenes. You can play the whole thing in a squad of four players. If you are alone or not complete, your group will be filled up automatically with random players. So we can be curious to see what Epic Games has come up with for this chapter ending.

It pays to be early: It’s best to be there early, because experience has shown that the servers are flooded shortly before the event. Epic themselves say in their blog post that you Be there 30 minutes before should in order to join the event with your group. So maybe log in to Fortnite around 9 p.m. to avoid the big rush.

What’s next after Chapter 3 and the event?

Fortnite is of course not over forever after the event, even if you might think so at first. Because, as is so often the case, Epic prepares the game for the end of the chapter in such a way that it first probably offline for 24 hours is. How long the downtime really lasts is not yet known.

What awaits you afterwards? Again, Epic Games hasn’t really commented on what’s in store for us in Chapter 4. All we know is that it’s supposed to start around December 4th. But we can be sure that there will be a new map since the old one will be destroyed in “Shattered”.

Here is an overview of some dataminer and insider leaks (via HYPEX):

So it remains exciting to see how Fortnite will ultimately continue. But before that, we can definitely look forward to an event taking place tomorrow.

Are you going to play Shattered or don’t you care about the live event at all?

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