Fortnite has made the leap to Unreal Engine 5.1 and the community is freaking out with the graphics

Chapter 4 of Fortnite is already among us, which marks a new stage for the Epic Games battle royale. On this occasion, it has been decided to take a further leap in the graphic section and this time we are talking about Unreal Engine 5.1.

The most striking thing is that it has been possible to include tools such as Nanite or Lumen, as well as the use of virtual shadow maps and temporal super-resolution. Of course, only the effects they produce are available on PS5, Xbox Series, PC and if we play through the cloud.

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So with Nanite can render buildings detailed to the millimeter thanks to geometric architecture and the same applies to nature, counting each tree with 300,000 polygons. In the case of Lumen, it is possible to apply ray tracing on shiny materials and on surfaces such as water.

All this at pure 60FPS and with global illumination in real time that is reflected in all kinds of materials. Regarding the shadows, each brick, leaf and detail that we see will have its own shadow, no matter how big or small the object is. Finally, temporal super resolution lets everything move like a charm without sacrificing frames.

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The community doesn’t believe it.

This is all very well, but it is the Fortnite players themselves who still do not believe the graphic jump that has hit the title. There are many images, but what better than those obtained by users so that we can see how good the work looks.