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Fortnite: how to solve the clues and complete the encrypted missions of the Cipher

In the early hours of Tuesday, October 28, 2023, Fortnite got the update patch to version 23.50 which got rid of everything Cold Blooded and Most Wanted faction contentbut added the quests and rewards of the Encryption, some of which are encrypted but don’t worry because we are going to tell you how to solve the encryption

Let’s see what it’s about.

Cipher Missions

If we visit the section of Encryption Missions In the Fortnite missions tab after the update to version 23.50 we will find a new list of missions that will be unlocked day by day. They will add new Cipher missions every day until March 7, 2023. All missions will be available until March 10, 2023.


Each mission will grant us 10,000 XP and completing a certain number of them will reward us with cosmetics, as you can see below. The normal missions will not be a problem, since they ask us for things as simple as causing damage with certain weapons or surviving opponents. The problem is the encrypted encryption missions, necessary to get the paper circuitry. These missions do not clearly tell what to do, we can only follow the clues.

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How to solve the encryption of the encrypted missions of Encrypted in Fortnite

These missions use a simple substitution cipher using as the key, which appears in the description section of each of the missions. The code is repeated until the sentence is complete. It is different for each mission, but not for the steps of the same.

We are going to tell you how to complete the encrypted missions of the Encrypted in Fortnite update 23.50 and what the rewards are.

What we need to do is assEsports Extrasa number to each letter of the alphabet (A=1, B=2, C=3, etc.) and subtract the corresponding number in the key a from each number in the clue.

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Let’s look at the first word of the first clue as an example: With a normal substitution it would be QLA?C (the ‘?’ is because there is no letter 30). But subtracting from each number the corresponding number of the key would be is to say: SQUARE.

With this information you can solve each mission yourself. If you want the answers, keep reading.

  • – Inspect the wall under the east building in picturesque square

In the building next to the restart van in Picturesque Square we must break the furniture that covers the access to the lower part of the building. There we look for the wall with which we can interact.

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  • 7.14 Developing

We will share the solution of the following encrypted missions as soon as the clues are revealed.

Rewards from the Encrypted missions in Fortnite

We are going to tell you how to complete the encrypted missions of the Encrypted in Fortnite update 23.50 and what the rewards are.
  • May there be peace spray– Complete 7 Unencrypted missions of Encryption
  • Loading screen Request one!– Complete 15 Uncrypted missions of Encrypted
  • Unscrambled Emoticon: Complete 24 unencrypted missions of Encrypted:
  • Paper Circuitry: complete 3 missions encrypted of encryption

New weapons and news of update 25.50

  • revolve six bullets
  • infantry rifle

These weapons can be found on the ground, chests, and supply drops.

Other new features of the update are:

  • Oath Chest drop rate increased from 70% to 100%.
  • Increased chance to get the Reality Augmentation High Tech.
  • Increased chance to unlock reality augmentations not yet unlocked.

Source: Epic Games