Fortnite listens to players to detect if they insult, harass or threaten

Mike Clark

fortnite listens to players to detect if they insult, harass

Epic Games has announced that you have activated voice reports Fortnite. This means that when a player detects that the community rules have been violated and notifies them The last five minutes of the game’s voice chat will be sent so that someone monitor and check if a player has harassed, bothered or discriminated against another or, in general, if he has behaved inappropriately to establish the relevant sanction.

Until now, players had the option to block or mute to a player or inform Epic, but with the recording of the voice chat That report will be accompanied by the recording.

These clips will be deleted 14 days after sending the report (since this is the time established to file an appeal against the possible sanction) or when the sanction ends.

They are recorded on the player’s device

The recordings will be superimposed on the previous ones and will be recorded on the player’s console, computer or mobile phone and not on Epic servers. The option will be always active in the case of underage players, You can only prevent your voice from being recorded by muting the microphone or disabling voice chat. Players of legal age will have to activate it.


Other games with voice chat moderation

Epic Games thus joins developers trying to keep their player communities as healthy as possible in voice chat and put an end to the reputation that situations in which one player insults or threatens another are common. Among others, Valve A few months ago I included a tool in Counter Strike: Global Offensive to silence players who have been reported on numerous occasions in written and voice chat, and Activision uses a combination of artificial intelligence and human review to penalize players who make offensive or violent comments in the voice chat of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

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