Fortnite: New cooperation with Pac Man is in the starting blocks

Tom Henry

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Fortnite is getting Pac-Man items soon. Unfortunately, there are not many details about the cooperation at the moment.

Outfits for nerdy battle royale heroes

Pac Man is the next game to come closer to his dream of collaborating with Epic Games’ Fortnite. Pac-Man themed items will be available to Fortnite players from July 2nd.

It looks like you won’t be able to dress up as Pac Man or any of the iconic ghosts. You’re much more likely to get Pac-Man style clothes.

I would love to show you these items of clothing, but what the items actually look like is not yet known.

The announcement reads, “Fortnite, an online game marketed and distributed by Epic Games, and Pac-Man have decided to collaborate. Pac-Man-themed items will be available. The collaboration will begin on June 2nd kick off.”

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More Pac Man in Fortnite

You’ll have to get by with this short and concise information for a few more days. But if the Pac-Man fever is too strong, we have a little bridging help for you.

Until then, you can play a Pac-Man creative mode that Epic Games is officially promoting. You can find the appropriate island code on the Fortnite website copy. What awaits you in this mode? In this mini game you fight to collect the most coins as Pac-Man. You’re welcome.

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