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Fortnite: New Map – Here’s how the map will change in Chapter 4 Season 3 | Discover News

fortnite: new map here's how the map will change

In Fortnite, the new Season 3 has started in Chapter 4. Wilderness is the theme, and this is reflected in the changes to the map.

What’s going on in Fortnite? Chapter 4 Season 3 in Fortnite has begun. The “mega” theme from the last season has been discarded, now the motto is “wilderness”.


And you can see that in the game too. There are now wild raptors that you can even ride, muddy areas to slide, and trees to slide over too. In short: It’s a real jungle.

At least in the center of the map, because that’s where the biggest change took place. We briefly present the new map changes here.

This is what the map looks like in Chapter 4 Season 3

This is the new map: If you look in the game, you will find the map in the following form. The grayed out places are where something has changed a lot – undiscovered places, so to speak. You should visit them first if you want to get an impression of the new environment:

Fortnite Map Chapter 4 Season 3
The map in Chapter 4 Season 3

The large area in the middle is particularly striking. There you will now find the new jungle biome, which also includes a large part of the gameplay changes such as raptors, mud and sledge trees.

The jungle biome is shown very clearly in the trailer:

Fortnite: The Official Gameplay Trailer of Chapter 4 Season 3


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There you will also find completely new places:

  • Rumble ruins
  • Creeky Compound
  • Shady Stilts

Leaker Shiina shared a few screenshots showing some of the new POIs:

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Possibly crucial for many players: The location of Anvil Square has been completely erased from the map. Anyone who liked to land there will have to look for a new place.

But Mega City can still be found on the map. That was quite uncertain, since the “mega” theme of the last season has said goodbye. So fans of the futuristic city can look forward to a return.

What changes can be found in detail on the map remains to be seen for the time being. They should open up in the coming days when more and more players explore the new season.


The season also brought a new Battle Pass. You can find the full Battle Pass in Chapter 4, Season 3 here.