Fortnite: Player ruined his pro career in a terrible 12 seconds

Tom Henry

Fortnite: Player ruined his pro career in a terrible 12 seconds

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At the weekend there was a big discussion on Twitter about a player in Fortnite: he had posted an openly racist video. The player “Sin” had just qualified for an important final in Fortnite. But whether he can really take part in the FNCS Grand Finals seems open after the huge excitement. Epic Games, the operators of Fortnite, have not yet commented.

What’s the excitement? E-sports journalist Jake Lucky shared a controversial clip of Fortnite player “Sin” on Twitter a few hours ago.

He looked at an arsenal of firearms and said, In the event of a zombie outbreak or if the blacks rose up, he’d have the firepower and the ammo.

He described the scenario of an uprising of the black population with a racist expression.

Lucky mentioned: The player just qualified for the important tournament FNCS Grand Finals that day. He says it’s just “crazy” that such individuals exist in the esports environment.

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The tweet has already received almost 300,000 views in just a few hours.

Player qualifies for $130,000 tournament

What is this tournament? In 2019 there was a huge world championship in Fortnite for many millions of dollars – those days are long gone. For years, e-sports in Fortnite have been held in a series of online tournaments: players then try to collect as many kills as possible in “random rounds” and survive for a long time.

The “FNCS” is the Fortnite Champion Series. It is played in duo. The grand finale will take place next week, and 50 teams have now qualified for the individual final rounds in each region.

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The player Sin had secured a spot with his partner Acro in 3 games on May 22nd for the Grand Finals in North America East, the largest region there. In session 3 they even got a win, which was enough for rank 6 in the round (via fortnitetracker).

So Sin and his partner will be at the Grand Finals where they will be playing for $130,000 in prize money.

The most important information about Fortnite:

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Player doesn’t understand the excitement – he’s not threatening anyone

What does the player say about the video that makes him look so bad?

Sin has since deleted his Twitter account. But a tweet from him has been handed down, where he says: He doesn’t understand what’s so bad about it (via twitter).

He only says: In the event that it comes to that, he is prepared. He’s not threatening anyone. People should just listen carefully to what he says.

A ban by Epic Games is expected

What’s the reaction? Right now, many seem to find it incredible that Epic Games hasn’t stepped in yet. They claim to have the information:

  • A user says: he ended his own career in a 10 second video.
  • Others say such videos are the reason the Fortnite community has a bad reputation.

One can probably assume that Epic will exclude the player from further tournaments.

Examples from Fortnite show that in the USA there is no leeway with such statements, even among young professionals:

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