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Fortnite: Player Trolls Millions With Fake Clip, Celebrates Victory On Truck – “All These Little Nerds Are Gonna Love It” | Top News

fortnite: player trolls millions with fake clip, celebrates victory on

A video goes viral on TikTok showing a player in a match in Fortnite while claiming victory. And the whole thing takes place on a moving truck on the highway. The comments vary between admiration, fake calls and inquiries about his equipment. The fake calls were not unjustified.

The 23-second clip shows a man sitting on the back of a car with a keyboard and mouse. He uses a projector to transmit his “running” Fortnite game to the side of a truck.

Meanwhile, another man cheers him on. He motivates the player with enthusiastic “You’ve got him, you’ve got him!” shouts, and shortly afterwards he wins. Cheers from both men follow, cars honk in the background.

There were certainly cheers from 15-year-old Brit Benjyfishy, ​​who was dropped from school to pursue his esports career:

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Opinions on TikTok are divided

TikTok users disagree about whether this is a fake or whether it really happened. “This is a video recording” is in several comments. “This needs to go viral!” in others. “I have so many questions,” writes one user.

Here you can see the video:


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Others state that this is the content that streamers should show. It’s an interesting way to play Fortnite. Ironic questions about his gaming setup are also voiced, as well as comments like “when your mom tells you to play outside again”.

But there is actually more to it than that.


Creator explains: It’s a stunt for the nerds

The suspicion of a fake is correct, because in a YouTube video, the creator of the video, Blake Messik, explains that it is a stunt – the winning match was pre-recorded.

With the action he hoped to impress the Fortnite community – “all these little nerds will love it,” he writes.

If you search for Fortnite on Instagram, his clip ranks at the top at the time of this article and has since received numerous likes. Fortnite is one of the biggest games in the world, people are searching for it and he is brainwashing them with his video. The result is exactly as he had hoped.

  • Likes on TikTok: 738,700
  • Likes on Instagram: 642,926

So the fake clip has already been seen by millions of users on various platforms, and some of them have certainly been trolled.

But this is only the beginning. His intention was to advertise a dynamic QR code in the viral video, which he can then sell for advertising purposes. To do this, Blake Messick approaches people on the street and offers to connect a link of their choice to the QR code for 24 hours for a few dollars.

He has this tattooed on his thigh, which is briefly shown in the YouTube video. At least if this isn’t also a fake.

In addition, he offers t-shirts and sweaters with an “I Love BM” logo, in the heart there is also a dynamic QR code that can be customized as desired. He advertises the clothes in the video description with the words “Become a running advertising platform”.


So if you are still looking for an advertising opportunity, the shirt is probably the pain-free option. And to win the next Fortnite match, these skins will help you.