Fortnite plays the mystery with the end of its Season 2 and publishes an enigmatic preview

Tom Henry

Fortnite plays the mystery with the end of its Season 2 and publishes an enigmatic preview

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Users already theorize about the return of a much loved character, but they do not rule out a spectacular outcome.

It’s been over two years since a black hole engulfed the world of Fortnite, which was noted as a cool move to move players into the Episode 2. This, in addition to attracting the eyes of the entire gaming community, served to demonstrate the originality of Epic Games for raise expectations of its users, something that repeats again with the next end of Season 2.

The trailer ends with the image of the Mecha, a robot already introduced in the gameAnd it is that the Fortnite Twitter account has surprised us with a very brief advance. With a video accompanied by the word “Get up“, Epic Games shows some sound waves that end up adopting a form well known to battle royale fans: the symbol of the Wick. A large robot that was introduced in Season 9 to bring diversity to the game’s gameplay and more details in the game’s story.

As is evident, many users have begun to theorize about the return of this robot, although there have also been players who bet on most spectacular events or the presentation of more skins. At the moment, Epic Games has not revealed how the Season will end, although some dataminers have already found plans to hold an event in Towerthe new location of Fortnite.

We will be waiting to know the intentions of Epic Games regarding the future events of Fortnite. For the moment, we know that it will continue to drive the introduction of cosmetics such as a RoboCop costume or a Scarlet Witch costume, although it is also working on a tool that, due to be released later this year, could help you earn money.

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