Fortnite prepares the end of Season 2 with a unique event: date, time and details of Collision

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Fortnite prepares the end of Season 2 with a unique event: date, time and details of Collision

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Epic Games plans to give us an unrepeatable experience and promises to distribute rewards during the event.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been playing Fortnite with RoboCop and Scarlet Witch while awaiting the imminent arrival of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Of course, Epic Games continues to give us reasons to visit the store of his battle royale regularly, but he has also been preparing for the Season 2 finale. And, as usual for those responsible for the popular game, it promises to be tremendous.

Collision will start on June 4 at 22:00To start raising the expectations of the community, Epic Games has already communicated the details of the end of Season event. With the name of Collision, it will offer us a unique experience in the game that will take place June 4 at 10:00 p.m. (USApeninsular time. Entrance queues will be available 30 minutes before before the event begins, so we will have a good time to prepare.


If you still have pending missions and rewards to unlock, Epic Games reminds that this is our last chance to cross off the entire list of tasks to perform in Fortnite. After all, Collision marks the end of Chapter 3 – Season 2 and, although not many details have been given about the event, it will incorporate several changes in the battle royale ecosystem.

Participating in this event will not only leave us with an indelible memory, but will also provide us with some bonus rewards. In this sense, users who connect to Fortnite from June 4 at 4:00 p.m. will receive an exclusive loading screen and room theme, although news that will appear in the store during the previous days is also being prepared. to said event.

We have no idea what is being prepared from the Epic Games offices, but they promise “an experience that is out of this world“In addition to this, the networks have been speculating for several days about the latest advance published by Fortnite, where a much-loved character is observed in a context that leaves us with more doubts than certainties.

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