Fortnite reveals the news of season 4 of Chapter 3 with Optimus Prime

fortnite reveals the news of season 4 of chapter 3

Tom Henry

Fortnite reveals the news of season 4 of Chapter 3 with Optimus Prime

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Maybe Fortnite: Battle Royale no longer make the same noise as before, but continues to offer incredible seasons and novelties with some collaborations that have transformed this free-to-play into something much more than a video game, something that Epic Games was looking for for years, already with the launch of Chapter 2 (how far is that!). Well into Chapter 3, the news of season 4 are presented through a combo of regular videos: one focused on the internal narrative of the game and, the other, on pure gameplay so that we can see up close the new skins, weapons and areas of this jungle adventure that promises to unite the best of Indiana Jones with features of kingkong of Peter Jackson and the transformers of the awakening of the beasts.

Season 4 is titled ‘Wild Lands’ and looks like an adventure straight out of Indiana Jones

“The center of the island has sunk, revealing a vast and remote jungle full of ancient secrets to discover. Climb to the treetops, ride velociraptors and slide through the mud to gain speed and camouflage. Spot your opponents from above with the Thermal Designated Sniper Rifle, slide down vines while firing the Circle Magazine Rifle, or turn your opponents into spectators with the Cybertron Cannon,” says Epic Games on their official blog. Among the most interesting novelties, we will have available the possibility of ride a velociraptor, slide more stealthily, ride lianas and fight from the treetops against the players and nature itself, because there will be aggressive plants.

From among the new weaponswhich are one of the main attractions of each season, we will have the following available:

  • Technical Designated Marksman Rifle
  • Circle Magazine Rifle
  • kinetic boomerang
  • cybertron hound
  • Wild Wasp Jar

From the past, moreover, other acquaintances return such as the classic combat submachine gun or the barrel shotgun. And as far as skins are concerned, these will be the main ones from Wild Lands:

  • Was
  • trace
  • rian
  • Lawrence
  • Butterfly
  • Relic
  • Optimus Prime
  • paradise muscle

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