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Fortnite Season 3: See the fatal event that throws the whole map into chaos

The Collision Live Event took place in Fortnite on Saturday, June 4th. We at MeinMMO were there live at the event at the end of Season 2 in Chapter 3. Here we tell you how the fight against the doomsday machine ended.


It all boiled down to this: In Fortnite, the Imaginary Order caused many problems and wrapped the entire map in a battlefield. Despite this, both the players and the seven were able to push back the IO troops, but the latter sought to annihilate the current reality as a last resort.

Did the players use the seven and the rebuilt mech to prevent worse from happening? We’ll show you!

This is how the live event went: “Collision”

Here’s what happened in the live event at the end of Season 2: First, the hatch that players are standing on in the lobby was opened and they slid through into the newly built mech’s head.


Players could get a glimpse of the moon base as the timer counted down to launch. To get ready, one could enter the gunner’s pod located in the back of the mech’s head.

Fortnite Live Event Collision Mech
Players in the mech getting ready for battle

In the capsule, you could spend time shooting at asteroids with different guns and listening to the seven chatting.

Now that you’ve been briefed on the origin and paradigm, the mech’s engines were started and you flew through space towards reality and the current Chapter 3 map.

With the help of the players, the mech fought its way from station to station through a wild battle and lots of IO soldiers. But the mech encountered such tough resistance that the shields broke and Shali, thanks to his driving skills, supported us in the fight.


The funny banana gave the mech a barrel full of Slurp Shield and the players could advance further to the Destroyer of Worlds.

Just before the mech could charge its blade and deliver the final thrust of the massive IO weapon, players fell into a hole in the ground. Jonesy, now called the Legend, helped you out of the broken mech and you had to walk to the almost collapsing zero point.

Various realities could be glimpsed throughout the fight to the point of zero, including the form of a being that the Fundament called Geno. The Foundation and Jonesy jumped into the IO Boss reality while players disabled the Destroyer of Worlds, saving the reality.


Now players will see an animated image with mushrooms accompanied by lobby music. Below it is the label “To be continued”.

You can watch the full live event again here:

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When does Chapter 3 Season 3 start: So far there is no information. We’ll keep you updated if anything new is released.

Now that the Chapter 3 Season 2 live event is over, what did you think of the implementation and appearance of the mech? Did you expect the seven to make it? Let us know in the comments!