Fortnite servers back online: Update 23.10 brings free gifts with Winterfest

Fortnite rewards us with a daily login with a total of 14 gifts.

Fortnite rewards us with a daily login with a total of 14 gifts.

Just rang a few days ago Fortnite a new era and started Chapter 4 Season 1. Just in time for the new chapter, for example, our favorite witcher Geralt von Riva was implemented, who is now involved in the new Fortnite map.

Although the innovations would be enough to keep us busy for weeks, a well-known in-game event is already starting. The 23.10 update brings gifts for all good (and bad) players and provides us with new items.

Fortnite heralds Winterfest

The Fortnite servers are back after a short break and have already received update 23.10. So as soon as we log in, the new features of the update can be seen. In addition to some bug fixes, this is now starting winter festivalwhich we already know from last year.

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What’s new? In the main menu you can already see a small wooden hut where we can celebrate the winter festival. There’s a big pile of gifts here that we can grab a free gift from every day. As a reward we will receive a total of 17 new items:

The following items are included in the 14 gifts:

  • Two skins
  • Two hang gliders
  • Two paint finishes
  • Three lobby tracks
  • Three spray motifs
  • A back accessory
  • A pickaxe
  • A contrail
  • An emote
  • An emoticon

How long is the promotion valid? There are 14 gifts in total, but only one can be opened per day. For that we have until January 3, 2023 Time to collect the 14 gifts. So there is no need to log in every day to receive all gifts.

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You can see what has changed with Chapter 4 Season 1 in the brand new Fortnite trailer:

Fortnite heralds Chapter 4 with an action-packed trailer


Fortnite heralds Chapter 4 with an action-packed trailer

Fortnite throws gifts and snowballs

In addition, well-known items from last year’s winter festival are returning. So we can let off steam again with the snow thrower or throw gifts and open them to loot the content.

Additionally will Sgt Winter Drive across the map in a truck to reward players with gifts. All players who log in via PC via the Epic Games Store will also receive a third skin when entering the item shop. Unfortunately, this option is not available for the Xbox, PlayStation and Switch versions:

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Any more gifts? In fact, there is another gift: as soon as we have been in Fortnite with five different friends, it lands emote dumbbells” in our repertoire.

Unfortunately, many other items that were added with Update 23.10 are not free. For example, there are new skins in the in-game shop and that Back Bling Kal-la-la-Lama, which only members of the Fortnite Crew will receive. This is a monthly subscription that can be taken out for EUR 11.99.

What’s your favorite new feature in Fortnite’s Winterfest?