Fortnite shows exciting teaser trailer for the live event that starts this weekend

Tom Henry

Fortnite shows exciting teaser trailer for the live event that starts this weekend

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Fortnite has its big Chapter 3 finale this weekend with a huge live event. On this occasion, Epic Games is causing hype in the community with a new trailer. We show you the trailer.

What is this trailer? In the new teaser trailer from Epic Games, players get a look back at the past few days in Fortnite. We’ll embed the YouTube video for you so you can take a look for yourself.

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In the video, the relaxed and exuberant mood from Chapter 3 Season 3 can be seen first. In this, the inhabitants of the island have fun in their amusement park and everywhere else there is peace.

Gradually, the image begins to shatter. The camera wanders into space and reveals a new dimension. Feet wander over a new liquid as the picture becomes more chaotic.

The Harbinger is now in a tornado full of chrome and familiar faces from Fortnite are facing the end. Chaos ensues and the last thing seen is the shattered image that references the weekend’s live event.

What are the fans saying about the trailer? Players on YouTuber celebrate the short teaser trailer for the Chapter 3 live event. Excitement spreads among fans as players comment below the video with statements such as:

  • shxny: “HYPE IS HERE”
  • Nail Dzafic: “The event will go beyond the scope”
  • Nathaniel Mendes: “I’m so hyped. They always manage to somehow top all of their events so I can’t wait to see where this one goes. Chapter 4, here we come!
  • HawkWall: “Yo that’s cool how the Harbinger is in the Chromenado, that’s getting sick! […] I’m sure this event will be in my top 3 and I’m hoping ‘The Nothing’ shows up, he’s my favorite villain right now and this whole chapter has been talking about his arrival.”
  • Kris plays: “Yo I’m so… HYPED!!!! This live event looks like fire. I know you all put a lot of work into it, it just looks great, keep it up”

You can tell the players are very excited and can’t wait to see the live event. How do you feel about that? Are you looking forward to it too? Please leave us a comment!

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