Fortnite sneaks into iOS through the gate of GeForce NOW: the battle royale can now be played via streaming without a controller

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The legal battle between Epic and Apple is one of the most interesting that the video game industry has left us in recent years. The main consequence has been the disappearance of Fortnite from the Apple digital store, but there is still a method to play battle royale on iOS.

And it is that a few months ago Nvidia announced that a closed beta of the title became available through GeForce NOW. Its streaming platform was presented as the perfect gateway for Apple users to Fortnite and now the tests are over. In turn, Android players and other mobile devices can use this way to play.

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Starting today, May 19, we can now play the play in its new portable version that includes new integrated touch controls. The truth is that the success of the closed beta has been total, with more than 500,000 participants, making it possible to optimize the controls. As a gesture of thanks for the support, Nvidia is giving away three days of Priority subscription to those who participated.

More games for the catalog

It’s obviously the middle of Thursday, which means more works are added to the GeForce NOW library. Beside Fortnitethese are the five that we can already enjoy:

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