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“Fortnite Teacher” streams Battle Royale on Twitch to keep kids safe

Lori Weber is a teacher – but in her free time she is also a Twitch streamer “Slytrue48”. She streams the Battle Royale Fortnite and uses the game to teach children good behavior. At the same time, she also wants to create a positive place without hate.

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Who is Lori Weber? Lori Weber is a full-time teacher. In addition, she is also active as a Fortnite streamer under the name “Slytrue48”.


She regularly streams Battle Royale Fortnite videos on Twitch and has already gained 19,868 followers on the platform (as of February 22, 2023). She also uploads clips to TikTok and runs a YouTube channel.

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The teacher explained to PCGames the background to her streamer work and how Fortnite helps her with children.

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“All they talked about was Fortnite”

How did it all start? “I started teaching fifth grade five years ago and all they talked about was Fortnite,” the teacher tells PCGames.


“Fortnite was relatively new at the time. Since I had already played WoW and Assassin’s Creed, I said I’d give it a try and started watching Ninja. My son is the one who bought me my first game setup to play Fortnite on. That way I had something to talk about with my students.”

At first the teacher needed some time to get used to the game. But then she continued to expand the concept and started her streams on Twitch. Her students came as spectators, and Weber found Fortnite to be a useful tool in her work as a teacher.

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Here you can see the latest YouTube video from Slytrue48

How do the students react to this? Lori Weber goes on to say that the students think their hobby is cool and that they keep asking them if they could do a Fortnite dance.

But not only her students celebrate Weber for her hobby. She is now known at her school as a “Fortnite teacher” and the headmistress seems to support the activity. So she always tells the new students that Lori Weber will be teaching about her teacher’s hobby in advance.

Weber also sees a great advantage in this: It creates a certain connection, especially with some boys, which would not exist without the common hobby.


How are the streams designed? Lori Weber adapted the streaming content for her fifth grade. Sometimes, however, it is also aimed at a younger audience. What is very important to her: positivity.

The teacher makes sure that everyone is nice to each other while playing. Instead of berating others, Weber praises good gameplay. Bullying and expressions have no place in their stream.

According to the Fortnite teacher, she has already received a lot of feedback from children telling her that they feel safe in their community. In addition, Weber gave them the feeling that they could come to her if they were being bullied.


At the same time, Weber also draws clear boundaries when it comes to her online presence: Children can take part in her custom matches at the weekend, and the children’s parents or grandparents often watch and follow her via Fortnite. However, she does not follow anyone back and her lobby remains closed to her own students.

What is Lori Weber planning for the future? The teacher can retire in five years. Then she has a plan: Fortnite streaming as a full-time job.

Until then, she wants to continue to create a safe space for children through her streams, where hate has no place, and continue to use the game to teach students about good behavior and fair play.


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