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Fortnite: the option ‘Support a creator’ disappeared with the arrival of the Unreal editor

As we revealed a few days agothe Unreal editor for Fortnite is finally available and allows players to create new experiences using the tools of the Unreal 5 engine. But with the arrival of this creative mode 2.0 also changed the Creator Economy and that means that the option ‘Support a creator’ is no longer available. Fortunately, it is temporary.

Before continuing, take a look at the following video to be impressed with the visual quality that the creations will have in the Unreal editor for Fortnite.


What is the new creator economy like?

All creators who publish their islands and are eligible will receive payments distributed proportionally consisting of 40% of the net income of the store of Fortnite and most purchases with real money. These payments will be made on a monthly basis and are based on the popularity of the islands, their participation and the acquisition of new players..

What happened to the ‘Support a creator’ option on Fortnite?

This fund of payments —we repeat, they are 40% of the net income of the store of Fortnite and most purchases with real money—is separate from the system we used to know as ‘Support a Creator’. Now the money will be given directly to the creators of the islands.

The Unreal editor for Fortnite is now available and with it the economy of the game changed, the option Support a creator disappeared.

So what will happen to the other content creators who don’t make islands for creative mode? The ‘Support a creator’ option is gone. Many believed that it was a complete restructuring of the economy, but it was only a mistake.

According to the official account of the state of Fortnite, the ‘Support a Creator’ option will reappear in-game as soon as possible.

If you are interested in creating islands using the Unreal editor for Fortnite and earning money in this way, we recommend reading the creators portal and the creators’ regulations in Spanish.


You can download the editor for free here.

Source: Epic Games