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Fortnite welcomes the Scarlet Witch to celebrate the premiere of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: details and gameplay

After the leak a few days ago, we now get an announcement related to one of the most prominent video games in the Nintendo Switch catalog. We are talking specifically about Fortnite.

In this case, we have been able to learn of the official announcement of the arrival of the scarlet witch to the game. These are the details offered:

The Scarlet Witch, known to some as Wanda Maximoff, lights up the island with her chaos magic. The Sokovian Sorceress is available now in the Fortnite Item Shop along with a new backpack accessory, pickaxe, and loading screen!

The Wanda’s Cape backpack accessory It is included with the Scarlet Witch costume. They both light up with chaos magic when dealing damage to opponents! (This reaction can be disabled by switching to his alternate style.) Also available in the item shop chaos ax pickaxea tangible creation based on magical energy, and the gesture Manipulation of psychic energy to display psionic power.

The Scarlet Witch outfit (+ Wanda’s Cloak backpack accessory), Chaos Ax pickaxe, and Psychic Energy Manipulation emote can be purchased individually or together as part of the Scarlet Witch bundle. In addition, this lot includes the loading screen Through the Mirror Dimension:

Fortnite Through the Mirror Dimension Loading Screen

Only those with true power can traverse this kaleidoscopic dimension.

Embody the Scarlet Witch and hold nothing back.

And here’s a gameplay:

What do you think? Do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments. If you’re interested, you can also find our full coverage of the game at this link.


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