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Fortnite: Who are the Seven and what impact do they have on the story?

In Fortnite there is a story that is told in passing. However, many players who have been around since Chapter 2 know little or nothing about the Legendary Seven. You can find out who they are and what role they play here at MeinMMO.

Who are the seven? The seven are seven different beings belonging to a self-proclaimed group. These beings are related to each other as they are different versions of the same person. If one were familiar with the theory of the multiverse, one might assume that they came from different realities.

Update May 5th: We have added the number of new members and visualized them with new pictures.

The seven consist of seven people

Currently four of the seven beings have revealed themselves:

The following are known by name:

  • The visitor
  • The scientist
  • the paradigm
  • The foundation
  • The origin
  • The imagined

What are the seven doing? You are trying to save the dimensions before the zero point. The Zero Point is a Nexus Orb from which all realities emerged. The orb passes through countless realities per second and can be used as a bridge to other realities. A zero point was represented in every known Fortnite map.

Through this irrepressible power, the Seven have made it their mission to protect the realities and eliminate any anomaly created by the zero point. At the start of Season 6 Chapter 2 you could see how one of the seven, “the foundation”, had tried to eliminate the existing anomaly.

In doing so, he tried to repair the cracks that were on the zero point. However, this didn’t go as intended, so he sealed himself and the Nexus Orb together for damage control.

Where do the seven come from? They are rumored to live on the planet or reality “Genō”. However, not much is known about it.

What is special about the seven? They know about the mysterious amnesias on the island. Therefore, in Season 10, the scientist recorded all his actions and steps in order to be able to remember in a case of amnesia. In Chapter 2 Season 6 it was shown that these unknown beings can also fly. Because you could see that “The Foundation” was flying to zero point to free it from its strands of reality.

They are also skilled at crafting as the visitor and scientist were able to build a rocket using surrounding pieces from the Fortnite map. They can also travel to other realities with meteorites. To do this, they use highly engineered chambers to survive the impact.

What do you think of the seven? Do you think her look is cool? Or are you not interested in the history of Fortnite and be happy when a good Battle Pass is at the start? Let us know!

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