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Fortnite will have a collaboration this time with Dragon Ball Super characters

Epic Games will officially unveil a new collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball Super this January 31.

At this time, no substantial details about the collaboration have been revealed, but the official Fortnite Twitter account has confirmed that an announcement is coming. The exact timing of the announcement is currently unknown, but hopefully Epic Games and Toei Animation won’t keep fans waiting too long before they pull back the curtain tomorrow!

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Naturally, the trailer has sparked a lot of speculation as to which skins will be available. Many people are expecting the appearance of Beast Gohan, while Gamma 1 and 2 have received a lot of requests, as well as Android 18, Piccolo, and more.

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There’s clearly no shortage of options for Epic Games to choose from, but exactly which ones will make the cut tomorrow remains to be seen. Given the enormous popularity of the Dragon Ball franchise, hopefully Epic Games offers a wide variety of skins and content for players to enjoy.

While a lot of Fortnite content tends to leak ahead of time, it seems like this collaboration caught most players by surprise. Fortnite has featured Dragon Ball-based content in the past, but no one expected to see another Dragon Ball franchise involved.

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