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Fortnite: YouTuber Says Blue-Haired Politically Correct Losers Ruined Gaming – Who’s he talking about?

fortnite: youtuber says blue haired politically correct losers ruined gaming

In the US, esports are dying in games like League of Legends. Big teams like TSM or CLG are disbanding. FaZe stock is down. Content creator Arab has a simple explanation for this: “Politically correct guys” are to blame. In the past, you could still be wild in gaming and live it out. But, according to him, apparently people like Fortnite star “Ninja” ruined everything that was once good about gaming.

This was the start of the discussion: Twitch streamer Disguised Toast has been attempting to launch an esports team in Valorant lately. In a clip from a podcast, he explains that e-sports are not doing well right now:


Fortnite to become the biggest streamer on Twitch – who is ninja and what is he doing today?

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In the past, you could do and say anything you wanted in gaming

This is the controversial view: Content creator Arab has 331,000 subscriptions on YouTube and has been quite successful with Fortnite content on YouTube in 2020.

He took to Twitter and says:

Gaming failed because it used to be an escape for real-world people to be someone else and have fun with friends. You could say and do whatever you wanted. Then blue-haired, politically correct losers came and broke it.

Arab says: Today every influencer would be a worn-out sponsor collector with a dry personality.


He belongs to the first generation of gamers who could make “real money” with video games. Video games are not meant to be a sport. Talking shit is the fun part of gaming.

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How is that received? Arab faces a lot of opposition to his views. Creator Ludwig says he could make an e-sports team called “No liberal pussys” where gamers could drink “woke-free” beer and any insults would go out. That would be totally epic, he should put all his money into it.


Others say: “Blue-haired losers” have nothing to do with the fact that the teams in e-sports are now having problems, that’s totally confused.

For many, the problem seems to lie more in the “commercialization” of gaming. Because “playing” would be the fun. The very idea of ​​someone like Arab saying he made money from gaming is repugnant to some commenters on Twitter.

One Twitter user says this is where gaming started to struggle: “Gaming is about to fail because companies and investors jumped in and made as much money as possible. Game developers themselves have always been pretty apolitical.”


Bit bad reaction:

That’s behind it: “Blue-haired, politically correct” obviously means ninja: He was a nasty flamer himself for a long time, but had refrained from insulting at times because he had such a young audience.


The fact that it is part of gaming to tease and tease friends is still allowed today and of course. Even Ninja was constantly teasing and teasing his peers.

Gaming can still be used as an escape from reality.

But why should it be part of gaming? being able to say anything you want to say, is not entirely clear. The idea that gaming isn’t fun anymore since you can’t racially insult others seems kind of strange.


Especially since many online gamers are complaining about being racially or sexistically insulted in games. It’s doubtful that gaming isn’t fun anymore since Germans stopped being called “Nazi” or “Kraut” all the time.

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