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Forza Motorsport could have been delayed until the second half of 2023

This week there has been an event in which Xbox has shared the release date of some of its upcoming exclusives, such as redfall Y Minecraft Legendsand has surprised by premiering the magnificent Hi Fi Rush without prior notice. However, there was a game present at said event that did not announce its release date despite the fact that all driving fans expected it: indeed, we are talking about Forza Motorsportof which we could see new images but it was not specified when it will be available.

Days after the Xbox event, a known insider of the brand has claimed to have information about the launch of the new game in the saga Forza Motorsport: Jeff Grubb, host of the Game Mess Decides podcast, has indicated in his latest podcast that the car game from Turn 10 Studios would have been delayed internally. The company’s intention was to launch it in the spring of 2023, but it seems that this will not be the case; according to Grubb’s sources, Forza Motorsport it would have been delayed until the second half of 2023.

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This information, of course, It is not official. On the game page it only indicates that it will “arrive this year” on Xbox Series X / S and PC, as well as the Xbox Game Pass cloud game, but its launch window is not limited. Jeff Grubb says he does not know why this delay has not been officially announced, as is often the case in the industry.

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Forza Motorsport, a new and ambitious driving installment

Regardless of when it is released, Forza Motorsport arrive with more than 500 cars available from launch, which can be customized with more than 800 pieces. In addition, it will be released with 20 circuits created from scratch using photogrammetry, five of them brand new, like Kyalami in South Africa. It will also include new systems to offer realistic vehicle deterioration and weather effects. All this rendered at 4K, 60 fps and with ray tracing in the races.

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