Forza Motorsport ‘Killed all interest in the game’: Fans get upset over developer decision

forza motorsport 'killed all interest in the game': fans get

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Forza Motorsport ‘Killed all interest in the game’: Fans get upset over developer decision

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Forza Motorsport is making a comeback later this year.

Alongside Starfield, Forza Motorsport is the second major first-party Xbox Series X/S title coming later this year. The Microsoft Showcase finally announced the release date, as well as other details such as the announcement of the Deluxe and Premium Editions, which give you access five days earlier.

So all sunshine and roses? Not quite. Because a decision by developer Turn 10 is currently causing quite a bit of displeasure among some fans. And that fuels a big concern.

Game progress saving only with internet connection

Why is? In the recent Forza Monthly update, it was announced that saving game progress in all modes of Forza Motorsport requires an internet connection. The progress is therefore saved on the server side and not directly on the console.

Creative director Chris Esaki said the decision would ensure a “fair and safe experience.”

So is Forza Motorsport always-on? No. There will also be modes that can be used without an internet connection, including Freeplay. However, as soon as progress is to be saved in the game, an internet connection is mandatory.

Missed the Xbox Showcase trailer? Here he is:

Forza Motorsport has a release date and is competing with GT7

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Forza Motorsport has a release date and is competing with GT7

The announcement made waves in Internet forums such as Resetera. While some voiced the decision as “normal and not shocking,” many others expressed disappointment. Sometimes even so strong that they plan not to play the title at all. For example, user Issen writes:

“That single-handedly killed my complete interest in the game.”

Still other users hope that this decision will later be reversed by patches.

The biggest concern of many fans: The game could become unplayable or lose all progress in the future and when a sequel is released if Turn 10 decides to shut down the servers.

Last fuss about “always-on” in a racing game isn’t that long ago

The fact that the game progress of racing games is linked to the server of the respective developer is not a new development. Sony’s big PS5 racing game Gran Turismo 7 also requires an internet connection for its career mode, only a few modes can be played offline. At the time, the announcement also caused an outcry – similar to the current situation at Forza Motorsport.

Forza Motorsport is coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC on October 10th. Similar to Part 7, there will again be an optional Car Pass that adds 30 additional cars to the virtual fleet. But nobody has to worry about a lack of vehicles in the “normal” game, because there will be 500 cars at the start.

What do you think of the developers’ decision?

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