Frostpunk 2: the post-apo game takes on a new dimension in video

frostpunk 2: the post apo game takes on a new dimension

Tom Henry

Frostpunk 2: the post-apo game takes on a new dimension in video

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As you might have guessed, the PC Gaming Show is an opportunity to discover Frostpunk 2, the next management game that promises to be simply huge. A worthy heir to the 2018 episode?

Management enthusiasts will be able to have fun discovering the brand new trailer of Frostpunk 2, a direct sequel to the highly acclaimed game from 11 bit studios which was released in 2018. As you might expect, this is still a post-apocalyptic management title. You play as the leader of a metropolis hungry for resources, who could clearly be described as a dictator and then free to make your city prosper as you see fit…

Frostpunk 2, what’s new?

The information is still quite thin on the game in terms of mechanics but know that everything takes place thirty years after the violent storm which concluded the first chapter of the story of the first episode. The City that is installed around the generator and its heat grows and progresses over the years. Jakub Stokalski, co-director of Frostpunk 2 declares:

What we want to give players is an experience that goes far beyond that of the original Frostpunk. With a team of nearly 70 people that continues to grow, we have more manpower to focus on all aspects of the game, whether it’s scaling, production value or UI quality, but our ambition is to do more than just a sequel.

Even if for the moment it is only a CGI trailer (visible above) without any trace of gameplay, the game already promises big changes in terms of technique. It remains to be seen how far. The game is scheduled for PC in 2024 and you can already add it to your wishlist on Steam if you want to know more over the months.

What do you expect from this sequel to Frostpunk? Do you want to add a particular mechanic or something new?

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