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The weekend is here and what better than being able to enjoy our favorite music anywhere with a speaker like the Tronsmart Groove 2. With a compact and portable format, it offers powerful bass thanks to its passive radiator and a power of 10W that may seem little, but we already anticipate that it is deceiving.

Tronsmart Groove 2 - RGB

Before starting the review, we want to thank Tronsmart for giving us this groove 2 for your analysis.

Technical specifications

Tronsmart Groove 2
sound design Power: 10W
Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz
connectivity Bluetooth 5.3 (SBC)
True Wireless Stereo (TWS)
USB-C (charging)
3.5mm jack line input
micro SD card reader
Drums Autonomy: up to 18 hours
Charging time: 3.5 hours
Others RGB lighting
IPX7 certified
Dimensions 106 x 106 x 60mm

Packaging and Accessories

Tronsmart Groove 2 - packaging

Packed in a small cardboard box, the Tronsmart Groove 2, advancing its compact dimensions and good weight. On the front it shows its desEsports Extrasand, along with the back, its main characteristics, being inside protected by a foam frame and a plastic bag.

Tronsmart Groove 2 - packaging 2

Tronsmart Groove 2 - accessories

Among the accompanying accessories we find, in addition to the user manual, a carabiner, a TRS jack-jack cable for analog connection to almost any audio source and a USB-A to USB-C cable to charge its battery.

Tronsmart Groove 2

Tronsmart Groove 2 - front

As we anticipated, the Tronsmart Groove 2 it is really compact after detaching it from all its protections and placing it in front of us. With dimensions of 106 x 106 x 60 mm and a weight of 473.5 grams, it is especially surprising in this second aspect, because for its proportions, it is not light. We cannot therefore say that it is not portable, but it does have good materials in its manufacture and with finishes above normal in its price range.

Behind the front metal mesh there is a loudspeaker 10W of power, which works in a frequency range between 20 Hz and 20 kHz, within what is conventional for its physiognomy. Around it, we can see a strip RGB which, unfortunately, doesn’t go to the beat of the music, it just spins the colors endlessly while it stays on.

Tronsmart Groove 2 - controls

It is on the upper face where we find the physical playback controls and an LED indicating the status: blue on and red lack of battery. At its side we have an accessory that allows you to hook the carabiner that is included among the accessories to hang it from anywhere, be it from the backpack, from the beach umbrella or from the belt.

Tronsmart Groove 2 - carabiner

Tronsmart Groove 2 - connectivity

turning the Tronsmart Groove 2, we find the passive bass radiator that moves to the rhythm of the lowest frequencies, although due to the movement of the air generated by the front speaker. On this we have the physical connectivity of the portable speaker, with a USB-C connector to charge its battery, a 3.5 mm jack to connect it to an analog sound source and a micro-SD slot that allows us to use a card of said format. as audio source.

In addition, how could it be otherwise, it has connectivity Bluetooth 5.3 and it supports TWS function. If you don’t know it, we must specify that the TrueWirelessStereo allows connection to another identical unit to achieve stereo sound, enhancing it considerably. Of course, it only allows the use of the SBC codecquite “simple” as far as audio codecs are concerned and that does not obtain the maximum quality.

Tronsmart Groove 2 - base

A peculiar detail is that the base has a thread that allows it to be placed on a tripod, although it is not very likely that we will end up using it.


Tronsmart Groove 2 - Tests

The Tronsmart Groove 2 it works perfectly indoors and outdoors, highlighting its protection IPX7 facing the water so that it does not die if we wet it in the shower or if it falls into the pool.

As we said in the introduction, its 10W of power should not deceive us, since they are focused on its main speaker, not counting for the bass radiator as it is passive. Therefore, it offers good power, enough to become the most annoying indoors and to behave outdoors. Obviously we can’t expect to sound a party with him, but just seeing the dimensions is something we already knew beforehand.

For our tests, we have connected it to our Nubia Red Magic 5G through a bluetooth connection, using the SBC codec, as it is not compatible with others with higher bitrates such as aptX. Taking into account its dimensions and price, it is not something that we should blame too much, although the passage of sound in its best quality is always appreciated.

In general, we have a warm and easy sound for all ears, with bright and clear highs and bass enhanced by the passive radiator. It is true that this does not work miracles, because with its compact dimensions it cannot sound like a 5-inch driver, but it does improve their punch. The mids, without being their strong point, are not bad at all for their range, giving good voices and melodies, although somewhat delayed compared to the rest of the bands.

Finally, we must talk about its autonomy, estimated at 18 hours by the manufacturer. It is true that in our tests we have exceeded 7 hours of listening with 50% battery, so if we moderate the volume, we should not have problems exceeding 15 hours. Of course, the full charge of the battery is done in about 4 hours, so it is not too fast.


Tronsmart Groove 2

If you are looking for a very compact speaker with good bass projection to accompany you everywhere, the Tronsmart Groove 2 It is perhaps one of the best options on the market. It offers more power than its 10W seems to indicate, as well as good sound in its range and good connectivity that only lacks a codec like aptX.

We can find it for sale in stores like Amazon or Aliexpress around 35 eurosa very good price for its benefits, offering an extra dose of bass compared to other models of the brand.

Main advantages
+ Good materials and finishes for its range, very robust
+ Greater sound power than its 10W may indicate
+ Good highs and lows with punch
+ Allows connection to a second unit (TWS)
+ IPX7 certificate against splashes
+ Autonomy around 15 hours
Negative aspects
Not compatible with aptX codec
Other Aspects
* It is somewhat heavy for its size, although it is still portable

From of The computer bungler we give you the Gold Award to the portable speaker Tronsmart Groove 2.

Gold Award

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