Full spoilers for chapter 1093 of the manga

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full spoilers for chapter 1093 of the manga

We return one more week with the magnificent spoilers from One Piece, the work of Eiichiro Oda. As he commented just yesterday, the full spoilers have been revealed a few hours after the preview summary was released. So we can now enjoy them with the usual format, the complete narrative. The adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew continue in Egg head with the mysterious and incredible events that happened in chapter 1092.

Remember that if you read the content of this article it is at your own risk.as it contains spoilers about the plot of the story.

One Piece: Full spoilers for the incredible chapter 1093 of the manga

The title of chapter 1093 of the manga is as follows “Luffy vs. Kizaru“.

The chapter begins with Kizaru being thrown a considerable distance. Luffy He is the author of such a feat. Far from worrying, the expression of the Admiral Kizaru It doesn’t change at all and you can see a noticeable tranquility. At that moment, the next panel changes scene to the control room. Vegapunk decides to go to theFabirio Phase” with sanji and Atlas. They want to save Bonney and change the orders of the Pacifists with the “authority chip“.

Vegapunk comments that he will use his own vehicle: the “Vega-Tank“. In this way, greater security is guaranteed. Next, the big-headed scientist refers to Bonney as a little girl; he talks about her as if she were a really little girl. (it looks like Bonney might be younger than we think). Nami, Usopp and edison They remain in the control room.

We can observe Jinbe, is carrying all of Vegapunk’s supplies to the back of the island. The Straw hat they seem to be very well coordinated when executing the escape. While some members of the crew, like Luffy or Zoro, are dedicated to keeping enemies at bay by fighting tirelessly. Others like Jinbe, Vegapunk, Nami, Usopp and company are dedicated to planning and carrying out the escape.

We move on to another new panel, this time we see Lilithyou are using the “Franky Shogun” to carry the Thousand Sunny to the same point Jinbe is heading to. Franky It is also heading into the “Fabirio Phase”. Next, we are presented with this same scenario. Here we can see that Bonney is fighting the Marines with a very remarkable ferocity. Sentomaru saved her when he was falling after hitting Egghead’s barrier.

In the next panel, we can see a situation that many fans expected during the events of Egghead. Zoro and Lucci meet face to face. The swords of the candidate for the best swordsman in the world are on fire, while Lucci is using his awakened form. The tension is palpable. Zoro comments: “With this level you won’t be able to fight our captain!“, and Lucci replies: “It’s worth killing number 2 of a Yonko’s crew…

We return to the exciting fight between Luffy and Kizaru. The Straw Hat throws Kizaru into the sea, while the Admiral mutters: “Ooops! I’m going to fall into the sea…“. However, Kizaru flies back and creates multiple light clones of himself (it appears to be an extension of his technique)Yasakani no Magatama“). Kizaru’s clones cause Luffy minor injuries with his lightsabers. Luffy uses the “Gomu Gomu no Dawn Stamp” to destroy all Kizaru clones, but the real one is not there. Where can it be? In the control room, with the aim of ending Vegapunk’s life.

Kizaru looks for the scientist, but he seems to have evaporated. At that moment he is able to observe the “Vega-Tank” and flies towards its location. Kizaru attacks the vehicle with his light techniques, but Luffy follows him and defends the tank. Luffy absorbs Kizaru’s light and splits it in multiple directions. The “Vega-Tank” arrives safely at the “Fabirio Phase”. The chapter ends with Atlas overwriting Kizaru’s order to the Pacifists. But in the last panel, the scene changes and we see Saturn looking very threatening.

And that’s it! We reach the end of the adventures of chapter 1093 of the most famous crew in the world of manga and anime. What did you think of the situations explained in this chapter? Little by little, Egghead’s escape becomes more intense and develops in a very interesting way.

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