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FunPlus Phoenix reaches the final of the Copenhagen Masters

FunPlus Phoenix will fight to raise the trophy of champion of the Masters from Copenhagen. FPX defeated OpTic Gaming 1-3 in the bottom bracket final to fight for the title against Paper Rex, the tournament’s first runner-up. The European organization has surpassed the current champions of the last Masters Reykjavik in a matchup where FunPlus has generally been superior. The final will be an unprecedented match since neither of the two teams had previously met in Denmark.

That OpTic Gaming did not arrive in its best version was noticed from the beginning of the final of the upper table, which was played to the best of five. The series started in Split, a map that is not exactly bad at green-wall. However, FunPlus Phoenix created the necessary lead in the first half for OpTic to have no chance of coming back. Despite being a map that rewards more defense, FunPlus closed the first half with a resounding 9-3 in their favor, something that left more than faced the second half. The North American team tried to stir up, but FPX is a team that stands out precisely for how it attacks.

Starting at 6-13 in Split, the second game of the series was on Icebox. OpTic Gaming had to play the map they hate so much, and as much as it wasn’t FunPlus Phoenix’s best either, it was little consolation considering the preferences of the European team. The first half was a back-and-forth ending 6-6, but the second half went to FunPlus. The European team was much more coordinated and had a very successful Ardis Svarenieks «ardiis» with Chamber. The ‘worst’ map of the series closed with an 8-13 for FPX.


The dynamic of the match changed completely in the third game. OpTic Gaming showed their best version of the day and in Bind they prevailed with a resounding 13-6 to start the comeback. On this occasion it was OpTic who endorsed FunPlus Phoenix 9-3 from attack, where he shone thanks to the openings of Austin Roberts «crashies” Y Victor wong. Anyway, this was just a mirage because FPX was in charge of giving the Americans the same medicine in Fracture. Another 9-3 in the first half standing out in attack left the ticket for the final more than faced for the European organization. With a final 7-13 FunPlus assured to see the faces against Paper Rex for the title of champion of the Masters.

The best player in the series was Andrey Kiprsky «Shao«, whose worst match was a 7-2-12 with Sage in Icebox. The Russian player prevailed in all kinds of situations and showed how Fade, VALORANT’s last agent, should be played. FunPlus Phoenix will face Paper Rex in a grand finale that will have a lot of meaning. FPX chooses to win the title of champion after having played with a substitute and not being able to compete in Reykjavik due to the war in Ukraine, while PR to Asia-Pacific the first major title in its history in the shooter from RiotGames.

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