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GALAX RTX 4080 HOF, the fastest model, with LCD screen and 470W

With each new generation of graphics cards, we see that they bring a noticeable increase in performance, but lately we have also seen changes in the consumption and size of these. And it is that, compared to past generations, the RTX 40 are true monsters from the point of view of size (and also performance). We have gone from having two slots thick as standard a few years ago to 3 or more, if we opt for custom models. Speaking of custom GPUs, GALAX has presented his RTX 4080 HOFwhich we can consider as the more premium graphics of the company with a consumption limit of up to 470W and occupies 4 slots.

When NVIDIA announced its RTX 40 and we started to see the first models of RTX 4090, two things caught our attention: the performance and its size. Even the reference model that in the past generation in the case of the RTX 3080 occupied only 2 slots, with the new graph we are talking about 3 slots and comparing dimensions we see the differences. We start to worry that the GPU will enter our PC towers and worse, that it will not reach double the PCIsince the weight of these graphs is much greater. Fortunately, except for the problem of the RTX 40 that burn For the connectors and adapters, we shouldn’t worry too much about the rest.

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GALAX shows its RTX 4080 HOF, the most powerful in its category

Among the many custom RTX 40 models, there were a few that managed to go beyond 3 slots, but in return offered a much more competent heatsink to maintain. cooler temperatures with minimal noise. In fact, there are graphs that occupy 4 PCI slots as the Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 7900 XTX, which is considered the highest-end GPU and the one with the best performance. On the NVIDIA side, we will now have what would be the equivalent if we talk about top of the range, since the GALAX RTX 4080 HOF will also make use of 4 slots.

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This in itself indicates that we have a large heatsink together with a set of 3 fans to guarantee good temperatures. In addition, they guarantee that it will be the fastest RTX 4080 of all, since we will have a 470W limit of consumption, much higher than other RTX 4080 custom. Thus, the RTX 4080 HOF once again become the best option for enthusiasts who want to push hardware to the limit.

The 4080 HOF will arrive in 3 variants and will bring an LCD screen

Unlike other GALAX Hall of Fame (HOF) generations, these RTX 4080 will hit stores in 3 different variants. The top-of-the-range model will be the RTX 4080 HOF OC Lab Plus-Xwhich will have a frequency of 2640MHz (vs 2.505 MHz reference). In addition, it will include the accessory HOF Panel II, which is an LCD screen that displays allows you to monitor GPU frequencies and temperatures in real time. On the other hand we have a second variant called RTX 4080 HOF OC Lab Pluswhich retains the same specifications as the previous one but without the addition of the HOF Panel III.

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Finally we would have RTX 4080 HOF OC Labwhich sees its frequencies reduced in 2.595MHz and also is left without the LCD screen. Of course, they all come with a limit of 400W with the BIOS activated in mode performancebeing able to increase it up to 470W mentioned. In addition, we can adjust the BIOS in silent mode to limit consumption to 320Wmore than enough for the RTX 4080. All three models will bring a single 16 pin 12V connector to deliver 600W of energy.

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