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Game Pass adds and promotes 3 new collections – Xbox

game pass adds and promotes 3 new collections xbox

Microsoft is not stopping with Game Pass. The ones in Redmond pump enough fuel into it each month so that you always have something new and fun to play. And it is that every week or two weeks at most, new arrivals are announced. More than 450 games populate the service with constant rotations, little joke.

Despite that, there are still sometimes difficulties finding new things to play. I admit that I am very selective, and I rarely give opportunities to games that do not fill me up or do not fit my eye. Therefore, that Game Pass gives them visibility in different ways is important.

Find your niche on Game Pass

So now the Americans have released 3 new game collections. If you don’t know what it is, it’s nothing more than groupings of games, as a kind of additional subcategory, which does not become a category itself. This way you will see some selected games in any of these three collections.


The collections have everything, and they are framed within a new initiative called “Find your new niche”, from wild and bloody games, to Japanese collections and with fun weapons. This is the list, I put its name in English because it is not being deployed by all regions in the same way, at least it has not yet reached my interface:

  • We Demand You See Our Legs.
  • Wild Weapons.
  • Cute x Chaotic.

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