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Game Pass missions will soon be easier to find on Xbox consoles – Xbox

Xbox Game Pass is the spearhead of Microsoft, and as such, the Americans are putting all the care possible so that users grow fond of the service and it becomes an essential option in their day to day. It makes sense, after all they are investing a huge amount of money in this business model. Microsoft is all-in on your subscription, so every detail counts.

So today we have news about a new feature that is very you will surely end up loving Well, it’s more than a feature, it’s a series of subtle changes, but very useful to discover the Game Pass missions and get those Rewards points that you love so much.


New tab for your Rewards

Although yes, these two new changes come first to the members of the Insider program, initially to those of the Alpha ring to go jumping to the rest of the rings. The changes have been announced by Daniel Martins, head of marketing and loyalty at Xbox. In his Twitter account he tells us about the new dedicated tab and how to access it.

Rewards are now easier to find on Xbox if you’re in the Alpha Rings!

2 main things you will notice:
Much easier to find! Just go to your profiles and click on My Rewards.
Rewards now has its own tab, it’s no longer in the Games tab.

As this function is released for everyone, we will let you know. For now I insist again, only for Insiders members in the most experimental stage of the program.