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Game Pass offered over $7,000 worth of games in 2022 alone – Xbox

Game Pass offered over $7,000 worth of games in 2022 alone

At this point in the film, no one is surprised that Xbox Game Pass is a service that offers a lot, for very little. To date, nothing even remotely similar exists. And that It is something that is demonstrated with a number on the table. The subscription of those from Redmond has delivered a high value during 2022, but 2023 looks much better still. In fact, there are rumors of Wild Hearts coming to Game Pass at some point.

But, how much is that value in numbers? Well, approximately 7,100 US dollars. That is the figure that the SegmentNext colleagues have compiled in their article. Taking into account that the conversion in euros is usually 1:1 in these cases, the amount is almost the same; maybe a little bigger in Europe.

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Game Pass offered more value in 2022 than in 2021

The study quantifies the volume of new games offered, in total 220 titles for last year. The data would be even more surprising if we take into account that there are more than 400 active games in the subscription. But for the study they have stuck to the added games, and not the ones that already existed. It is understandable for two points, the first is the intention to measure the value per year, and the second is that it is difficult to quantify in money games that have possibly already changed their initial price.

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In 2021, the service offered more than $6,317 worth of games; so there’s a 12% increase if we just stick to money value. Regarding the month that the Americans offered the most, September stands as the winner with 25 titles offered for a value of $854.75 within the membership. The worst month is December by far, where we only saw 11 games.

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Via: SegmentNext.

What do you think of these data? Of course last year Game Pass was Microsoft’s core strategy, so it’s no surprise that so much value was offered.

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