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Gamer Advantage Horizon Gaming Glasses – REZME Sleep Review

gamer advantage horizon gaming glasses rezme sleep review

Some things are out of fashion but there are others that are out of necessity. Today we spend more time in front of electronic devices than before and in the same way our eyesight deteriorates. For us (those who wear glasses) that is something different and now it’s time to tell you about my experience with the Horizon gaming glasses, from our friends at Gamer Advantage.

This company was founded in 2017 and the purpose, as you well know, is to make gaming glasses with a high level of visual protection for our eyes. Artificial light has a very negative impact on our pupils and although in some cases we do not realize it, this affects many people today in the long run.


Inside the box the lenses come in a case that can also be used to clean the glass. A key ring with the necessary tool to adjust a screw (in case it is necessary), a brand sticker, a promotional flyer and an individual case to store the glasses (it is foldable). Personally I expected a single microfiber cleaning towel but the same cover helps a lot.

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Gamer Advantage It differs in something and it is in the creation of corrective lenses (prescription or non-prescription) with the best efficiency to reduce the effect of this artificial light on our eyes and give us the best. I have always said that one of the most important things we have are our eyes and we must take care of that more than anything.

Basically, these lenses protect us from artificial light and absorb what is called Blue Light, which is the brightness that comes from any screen, causing severe (long-term) damage to our eyes. Although the eyes have protection for all types of light, all this is in less quantity. LCD, LED, OLED screens, among others, transmit a series of waves that mistreat our vision in a very bad way.


Increased exposure to Blue Light, the biggest problem we have in itself and one of them is the difficulty to sleep, reduce visual fatigue and best of all, it helps us to concentrate greatly. Gamer Advantage assures that many doctors have highly recommended it and that is that blocking all this with glasses from this brand is quite impressive.

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What I mean is that somehow if I witness that I have less eyestrain, at bedtime some moments are calmer than before wearing the glasses. I’ve been using them for about two weeks and the experience is totally different.

Speaking a little more in depth about the technology offered by this company, we have the REZME. There are two and they are Rezme Focus and Pray me sleep. On this occasion, the Horizon frame in the “Bonfire” color that I have been testing is the Sleep version, which is focused only on those who spend a long time in front of a PC and also those who seek high protection.


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These frames are specialized and can be perfectly accommodated to your medical prescription. If you only want to have it to protect your eyesight without any type of increase, it is also valid. When wearing the glasses I felt like I could see more clearly (obviously) but on the same screen the reflections are quite different plus it doesn’t really cause me the same eyestrain as it used to.

My current (personal) mount has bluelight protection, anti reflections and so on but it doesn’t do it in the same way as the Gamer Advantage. Playing games and being able to really have good reflexes in competitive plays or spending several hours editing news, videos, reading and so on without feeling like our eyes demand a break is quite comforting.

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Melatonin is a component that our own body produces and is what helps us fall asleep. The REZME Sleep make us produce the levels of this component up to 96%, summarizing that for some time now I feel that I am more sleepy and when it is time to sleep I simply wake up the next day with my alarm. No, it’s not age or fatigue from a busy day but for a person like me, who has never used this technology and suddenly decides to do so, the change is literally impressive.


Of the enormous compatibilities that these gaming glasses have, it is something that I never thought could happen. For a long time I have been feeling the pressure that some headsets make me along with my glasses for personal use and I have even seen the need to lean to one side or not use my glasses at all since it is very annoying. Every frame used by this company is uniquely designed to not even feel the glasses while using headsets.

The desEsports Extrasis quite thin and in the case of these Horizons, I hardly feel any kind of pressure on my ears or head. A large part of my hours are spent with a headset on to listen to music or watch a video, but that ends when I use this type of mount. It can feel like a very flimsy or easy to break so I really wouldn’t recommend this for the lazy or even very young children.

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These Bonfire colored Horizon have a very attractive desEsports Extrasfor me, very subtle and quite fine. Do not think, do not feel at all in the face. My experience has been quite positive, they say out there that the one who doesn’t see is like the one who doesn’t know.


In conclusion

The Horizon gaming glasses in their REZME Sleep version are the best proposal for those who spend many hours in front of a PC. The technology that Gamer Advantage offers is clearly superior to that of many casual optical glasses. Being able to fall asleep naturally is priceless, spending hours in front of a PC without feeling visual fatigue is something unique and of course not feeling that pressure on your head that a headset causes when wearing glasses makes it clear to me that quality prevails quite.

The frame is quite thin and flexible but durable. For some people it may seem like a problem but many tests on the internet show the opposite. Like any other lenses, it is always advisable to know how to take care of them. Personally I have just replaced these lenses (with my prescription prescribed by my doctor) for the personal ones that I use. The comfort is much greater and the advantages that these lenses offer so far I have not seen in other types of prescription lenses that I have used personally and the most important thing about all this is that they are clinically proven. This review was made with a copy provided by Gamer Advantage.