Gamer father lets 6-year-old child gamble on console and when he comes back, the accident has already happened

Tom Henry

gamer father lets 6 year old child gamble on console and when

No matter how much the dragon-born screams – deleted is deleted.

It should actually be one of the happiest moments in the life of a father with a passion for video games: the offspring takes their first steps on the Xbox and gets to know the console. Unsuspectingly, he let his child try things out unsupervised, thereby committing the biggest mistake of all.

The valuable score was gone in no time at all

Because when the gamer father, who goes by the nickname notangeblehuman on Reddit, returned, his precious Skyrim save was already gone. His offspring had erased him spotless from the Xbox, the parent was greeted with the following screen:

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Three other games are said to have been deleted as well, but the Skyrim save, which probably took a few hours, weighs much heavier.

Lots of laughter, but also sympathy

The Reddit thread with the short story has since been closed by the moderators. The reason: some commenters probably suspected a fictional story and at the same time saw a dereliction of duty on the part of the father because he did not consistently supervise his child.

However, the overwhelming majority stood by the poor guy and jokingly affirmed: Children – whether they are their own offspring or those of friends and siblings – will find every little opportunity to delete saved games in a matter of seconds.

As if it were an inherent instinct.

There is talk of completely emptied GameCube and PS2 memory cards, missing Mario Kart profiles or entire Minecraft worlds that have perished in the hands of children.

The two options are so close together that it's easy to slip away!

The two options are so close together that it’s easy to slip away!

The father’s brief inattentiveness is also put into perspective by many commentators, who are obviously parents themselves. It is not possible to have every action of a child in view at every moment.

Small mishaps happen and in this case basically nobody got hurt.

Chris Werian

I could relate very well to the father’s story, even if it wasn’t true. For example, when I was nine, I had to say goodbye to a nearly 100% complete Banjo-Kazooie save.

I really wanted to convince my then best friend of the ingenious N64-Jump ‘n’ Run, but since he didn’t speak English, he rushed through the menus and a few seconds later I was able to start all over again. Something like that just happens in youthful overzealousness!

That way the misery could have been prevented

As some Reddit users have noted, the best solution would have been for the father to create a profile for his child. With that, it could have let off steam within the extensive youth protection restrictions of the Xbox.

In addition, scores can be synchronized again via the cloud. However, this is only possible if only the local save was deleted and not the server-side one as well – as happened in this case.

On the PlayStation, however, the father (in conjunction with PS Plus) would not have fared the same way. There, the saved game must be deleted individually via menus for the cloud AND for the local data medium, instead of in a single dialog window like on the Xbox.

But would have really brought something?

Judging by the mood of the Reddit thread, the answer is clear: no matter how big the hurdle, a child would be able to spot every delete key, no matter how hidden.

Have you already had similar experiences? Has anyone ever irrevocably deleted a saved game?

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