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Gamer is asked what he wants for his marriage anniversary, jokingly wants a gaming PC – his wife gives him hardware for 2,000 euros

A married couple is celebrating their 1st anniversary and the wife wanted to know what her husband wanted. You jokingly call it components for a PC. And then he’s amazed when the things are actually on his table.

A gamer posted on reddit that he and his partner are celebrating their 1st marriage anniversary. His wife asked him if he wanted anything special. He jokingly gave her a whole list of components for a gaming PC.


His wife probably didn’t take it as a joke, because he posted a picture where you can see a number of hardware components. Including a new RTX 4070 Ti and a gaming monitor. In total, his wife invested around 2,000 euros in the hardware that you can see in the picture. These include, among others:

  • An i9 processor from Intel
  • A GeForce RTX 4070 Ti from Nvidia
  • The Fractal Meshify 2 as an enclosure
  • RGB memory
  • MSI Z790 Tomahawk WIFI (Motherboard)
  • Samsung 980 Pro (SSD)

Community celebrates the gamer’s wife

The reactions are almost exclusively positive. Many are impressed by the gift and wish the user and his wife a happy anniversary.

Some are already joking: If the wife gives away hardware worth 2,000 euros for the first anniversary, what is there for the 10th anniversary?

What does his wife even get? In another post, the gamer explains that he wants to give his wife an “all-inclusive vacation in Jamaica” for their anniversary. Some joke: It’s a win-win situation for him – unless his wife goes on vacation alone and doesn’t take him with her.


Others are not so “lucky” with their wives. A user would like to play Diablo 4, but first has to convince his partner that he is really allowed to do so. The reactions of the community are very different:

Player tries to convince his wife to let him play Diablo 4 – Asks AI for help