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Gamers discuss school days: CoD was cool – MMORPGs were so embarrassing that you only played them in secret

In a discussion on Twitter, adult US gamers talk about the memory of their school days as being a gamer in the early/mid 2010s: gaming was already mainstream, but not every game was cool. Anyone who played shooters like Call of Duty could show that and was popular. But anyone who was enthusiastic about .s like Runescape should keep their hobby a secret, otherwise they would have been bullied.

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This is the discussion: On Twitter, gaming journalist Jake Lucky (21) talks about his school days with the TikTok streamer “Tdawgsmitty (30):

  • The 21-year-old says it was okay to be a gamer in elementary school, but by the time you got closer to graduating, gaming was more of an embarrassment and a lot of people outgrew it.
  • The 30-year-old can’t understand it at all. He says gaming was always cool when he was in school, everyone he knew played Call of Duty, the whole gang.
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The positions actually seem to be mutually exclusive. How can that one?

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Runescape is considered a “UR” .:

5 Old .s That Are Still Actively Played


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“We would have laughed at you too if you played Runescape”

That is the point: Lucky then says he played .s like Runescape. That might be something different.

And the 30-year-old says: Yes, that’s right. He would always have played Call of Duty with his friends:


“We would have made fun of you, too, if we’d known you played Runescape. Can you blame us?”

Lucky then realizes that what happened to him in high school makes a lot more sense now.

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Call of Duty was cool at school – you could only play Runescape in secret

A trend emerges from the discussion on Twitter: YouTuber “LifeofTom” (2.5 million subscriptions) says: “That’s exactly what happened to me. CoD was the cool game, we played CoD 4 endlessly. But you could only play Runescape in secret. It was never cool to admit that.” But all the cool and tough kids knew he played Runescape and would sneak up to him to whisper about the game.

Even the CoD professional Censor (28, title picture) says: He secretly played MapleStory and Runescape, and if someone found out, he chattered away at school for a week out of sheer shame.

Another adds: The equivalent of Call of Duty is Fortnite. Anyone who plays is considered cool.


A fourth user on Twitter says: He met his best friend through Runescape. She is the greatest person in the world.

Destiny 2: “We’ve been reluctant for a long time, but we’re an MMO” – what does that mean?

That’s behind it: The gamers notice something here that we also encounter in everyday life. Labels like “.” or “MMO” are reluctant to be used by companies when they want to advertise games for consoles:

  • Games like The Division or Destiny have always had strong MMO elements, but have long shied away from the term. It wasn’t until Activision Blizzard was out that Luke Smith could speak of Destiny as an “action MMO.”
  • Even The Elder Scrolls Online resists the term “.” and prefers to speak of itself as an action-adventure, probably not to scare away players on PlayStation and Xbox

Apparently there is a lashed image:

  • “. gaming on PC with mouse and keyboard is uncool, PC is for work and for nerds”
  • “Shooter gaming on the console with a controller and on the sofa is cool, this is relaxation and free time”

In fact, this trend is still happening today on Twitch. Shroud is one of the coolest shooter gamers on Twitch, but his real passion is WoW:

Shroud is so addicted to WoW Classic that he plays it but skips Twitch