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10 of the best games of all time poorly explained – do you still recognize them?



We looked at which games were at the top over the last 30 years – and then tried to describe them as poorly as possible. Let's see how many games you can still get out of it.

Imagine a friend of yours who has never gambled before is now completely excited about a game. Or better yet: the parents whose printer you have to set up every few weeks because something no longer works.

Now they're telling you about a game whose name they've forgotten but that they think is really great – using descriptions that are somehow close but super far away.

We looked at the current 100 best games on Metacritic and mixed in our own assessments of various genres to find 10 games that we are serving up to you here.

A game that every gamer should at least know is Half-Life:

Legendary shooter on Steam gets VR version after 18 years – “This will be the best thing ever developed”

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Guess Quiz – This is how it works

Here you see 10 cards with front and back. Ahead is a really poor description of the game. At the back you will find the solution.

When selecting, we not only listed individual titles, but also legendary game series as a whole. But they are always names that every gamer should at least have heard of.

Some descriptions require a little deeper knowledge of the lore, but we also want to offer the experts a challenge. Click on the map if you are sure. And be honest! Cheaters will be kicked.

Tell me, how many games did you guess correctly? How many were you wrong and which description did you particularly like? Or bad? Or… you know. Which one did you like the most?

We know that not ALL of the best games are listed here and some are certainly still missing from your private leaderboard. But if you liked it, maybe quizzes like this will come more often. Feel free to write to us which titles you would like to see poorly described.

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