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27-year-old YouTube star is fighting for his career after allegations from an 18-year-old



The 27-year-old Brit George Davidson is one of the biggest YouTubers and Twitch streamers for Minecraft as “GeorgeNotFound”. But his life is about to take a bumpy turn. He is faced with allegations that he misbehaved with a then 18-year-old and is facing serious consequences.

What are the allegations?

  • On March 9, a 19-year-old Twitch streamer “Caitibugzz” tearfully said she was sexually harassed by a “much older” and “popular content creator” in the summer of 2023 (via tweet).
  • The man disguised his “sexual assault” by asking her if she was ticklish. He then touched her under her T-shirt. She was 18 at the time and had just finished school. In the video she appears as if the experience traumatized her. She is disappointed in herself and wonders whether she will ever be able to find peace again.
  • Because of the tickling detail, fans quickly came to GeorgeNotFound, who is known for his “tickle fetish.” And the streamer's story is actually about the British Minecraft streamer.

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Accused says: Situation developed amicably and slowly

This is what the accused says: GeorgeNotFound presents the situation differently.

He assumed the woman was 21 because she had come from an official event, a VidCon afterparty, where people were drinking alcohol. And this afterparty is strictly regulated and has strong security measures. He therefore assumed that she was at least 21 years old, otherwise she would not have been allowed to drink.

He has no recollection of the woman saying she was only 18. It could be that he was getting a drink when she said that. In any case, he doesn't know.

The way she describes it, it sounds as if someone had “hunted” her and forced her to drink something. But it wasn't like that, she came to the meeting already drunk.

GeorgeNotFound says he actually went under her shirt and put his hand at her waist level, but that it didn't happen suddenly, but that the relationship became more and more intimate over the course of the evening:

“The way she tells it, it sounds like it just happened out of nowhere. In truth, we had already been cuddling for an hour – it didn't come out of nowhere.”

It was only after about half an hour that he “moved his hand further up.” There was nothing rapid about it. It was done very slowly and carefully, so he was sure she felt comfortable with it.

“Me and Cait were very cuddly and very slow to become more intimate.”

She would have smiled at him the whole time, laughed and even playfully fought. For him it wasn't sexual assault.

The streamer (now 19) seems distraught.

Streamer says: She never gave her consent

That's what she says: The streamer says in an answer (via tweet):

  • She did not give verbal consent
  • She was drunk
  • The cuddling came from him, he practically spooned her
  • She didn't think that cuddling automatically meant it would be sexual and would be seen as an invitation

The streamer says: How could she give her consent if she was never asked? And how could she give consent if she was drunk?

In response to the objection that she could have moved away from him, she says: It was all public, in front of others, and she was shy. She didn't want to attract attention and spare his ego:

“I didn't want someone I've watched for a while (on YouTube) or who has a lot of followers to hate me because I refuse to let them sit next to me. I didn't want to embarrass myself or him: I know that's a stupid line of thought. I admit that.”

GeorgeNotFound misinterpreted her body language. She didn't smile at him when he was under her T-shirt, that was because she was nervous. She was shocked because she had never been in a boy's hotel room and had never done anything sexual. She never believed that cuddling led to anything sexual.

He was the first person who ever touched her.

GeorgeNotFound says he made a lot of wrong assumptions

This is what he says: GeorgeNotFound apologized to Caitibugzz and said that he would now specifically ask her age in hindsight.

He simply assumed her age. That was irresponsible.

For GeorgeNotFound, the main problem seems to be that he misjudged the streamer's age and sexual experience: He makes it clear that “getting under the T-shirt” was the furthest thing from the then 18-year-old streamer's mind sexually – but for him as a 27-year-old it was “pretty tame”.

The situation was looked at differently. He will take that to heart for the future.

Things would be very different if he had asked her consent and she had said yes, but he never did that.

Feastables advertising with and without GeorgeNotFound

Asmongold sharpens his case: “She lies and destroys his career”

What consequences does that have now?? GeorgeNotFound has now been “edited” from an advertisement by Mr. Beast for his Feastables.

The Twitch streamer Asmongold presented the case in an undifferentiated manner with his wide reach on YouTube.

He clearly sides with GeorgeNotFound: “She lied and destroyed his career,” is how the video is titled. When it comes to the “lie,” Asmongold apparently refers to the fact that the streamer gave the wrong impression about her age.

From his perspective, GeorgeNotFound was only in trouble because he “cuddled on a sofa with a girl who lied about her age.”

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Asmongold shows a Reddit post that says: The approach came from her. GeorgeNotFound ghosted the streamer when he found out she wasn't 21.

The Texas Twitch streamer cannot understand why there should be a problem with the streamer's age: at 18 she is of legal age. For Asmongold, this is only a problem for people who are under 20 years old, but they apparently make up 95% of GeorgeNotFound's fans.

Lately, Asmongold has been wondering why he has been subjected to so much criticism:

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