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3 things from Helldivers 2 that Destiny 2 absolutely needs



Many players from Destiny 2 are disappearing into the new shooter “Helldivers 2” and although both games do not share the same genre, Bungie's loot shooter could take some points from its competition to become better.

What is Helldivers 2? For all players who missed the train: Helldivers 2 is a co-op shooter from Sony and Arrowhead Game Studios. You take on the role of a Helldiver. You get different missions, you have to travel to varied planets, protect democracy and destroy bloodthirsty robots and insects.

The game doesn't take itself too seriously, so you can blow away your squad of three other Helldivers if you're not careful where you're aiming. There are also orbital strikes or air support, but they can also hit your friends. All of this creates a fun atmosphere that always makes players laugh.

Despite the differences in genre, we compared both games and show you three points that Destiny 2 should adopt in order to become better.

Helldivers 2 will soon give you mechs to fight against the undemocratic monsters:

Helldivers 2: Report for Duty – Trailer shows new mechs in the game

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What do you mean with that? Destiny 2 tries to create a kind of immersion with its seasons, cutscenes and missions, in which you should get the feeling that your actions advance the story – but that's not the case. Everything in Destiny 2 follows a well-paced script, no matter how bad or good you play. Not only is this poison for immersion, it also simply seems artificial.

In Helldivers 2, however, the players have all the reins in their hands. If you are active and help to liberate planets, the fight on the battlefield also changes. Successful operations create positive change in the world. However, if the Helldivers are too lazy and do not reach their target value in the areas of defense and conquest, the map and the threat also change.

If Destiny 2 had a story that changed based on your actions or decisions, its immersion would be better.

Open communication from developers

Bungie communicates with the community, doesn't it? Exactly, that's what they do. Every Thursday evening there is a huge post full of announcements and plans for the future that Bungie gives its fans to read in the form of TWiD (This Week in Destiny). And even though this is how Bungie “communicates” with its fans, it seems much more like a lonely monologue that players are listening to.

Many Guardians have been sharing their problems, concerns and wishes about and for Destny 2 all over social networks for years, and although the statements are clear, Bungie has given little to no attention to them. In fact, these are even ignored or only addressed far too late by the developers.

With Helldivers 2, however, even the head of the studio speaks out and is in constant communication with his community. If there are points that the team can address, they will be discussed and acted upon. Whether it was the server capacity or the function to kick AFK players. The team behind Helldivers wants to work with the community to create a game that everyone feels comfortable in, and that's what's missing in Destiny 2.


Where is the humor missing in Destiny 2? Actually everywhere. No matter whether in the story or in general everyday Guardian life. There are simply no funny moments that brighten up the gray life in Destiny 2. Since Cayde died, the humor in large parts of the loot shooter has also suffered.

It's clear that Destiny 2 can't adopt the same humor as Helldivers 2, that would be silly, but a bit of “silly moments” could occur more often.

Maybe it would be fun if team fire was active in some modes. That would not only be funny, but also realistic – and Guardians can already revive themselves.

Destiny 2 is currently in a serious situation because of the witness and the fate of light and darkness, but not everything in the loot shooter has to be serious.

Those were our points on the things we'd like Bungie to carry over from Helldivers 2 to add some variety to Commander Zavala's weary bones. What do you think of our idea? Do you go along with it or do you think Destiny 2 is good the way it is? Let us find out in the comments!

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