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505 Games closes three of its offices in Europe




At the moment 505 Games is in a restructuring process, and that means that they have had to close some of their offices in Milan not long ago, which consequently resulted in the dismissal of a group of employees who are no longer useful to the company. However, things do not end there, and Europe will continue to be affected in other countries that can be considered vital for sales and public relations.

It is confirmed that the offices of Germany, Spain and France They are declared officially closed, although positions that have to do with development have not really been affected, but more on the marketing, relations and community side in the language of said region. And although not as many people leave as one might think, we are talking about just over 10 people, it is possible that the presence will be smaller and the distribution will be carried out through other methods.

With that in mind, some have been concerned about upcoming games on the way, including the second part of Control, Assetto Corsa 2 and Project Iron. However, since they are marketing issues and so on, it is possible that there will not be any type of problem. However, it is worrying that the industry is still in constant motion to carry out layoffs, and we are seeing this with concern. PlayStation, Microsoft, among others.

Here is the company description:

505 Games is a video game company founded in 2006 and based in Milan, Italy. It is known for publishing and distributing a variety of games on different platforms, including consoles, PC, and mobile devices. The company has collaborated with several renowned developers to launch popular titles in various categories such as action, adventure, sports, simulation, and more. Some of the games that have been published by 505 Games include “Control”, “Death Stranding”, “Portal Knights”, “Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night”, among others.

For now, the crisis in the industry is still present, and they have mentioned that the worst is yet to come.

Via: Game Reactor

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Editor's note: We are going through something strange in the industry, as layoffs are being reported daily within this business. So much so that it is scary that at some point large companies could declare bankruptcy, thus causing important franchises to disappear.

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